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Members of our ASK the Dirt Farmer group have been asking for a chronological listing of farms in order of release. Without further ado here it is. Please note that  HANGING GARDENS  was released in two separate pushes and you may have gotten the farm either before or after the release of Farmville Australia. For the purpose of this post, we will use the first release date. Please do share with friends to keep them informed.

Farm Name Early Access Release Date General Access Release Date

Home (Farm)
N/A 19th June, 2009

English Countryside (xuk)
N/A 22nd March, 2011

Lighthouse Cove (xlc)
12th September, 2011 19th September, 2011

Winter Wonderland (xww)
29th November, 2011 5th December, 2011

Hawaiian Paradise (xhi)
27th February, 2012 7th March, 2012

Jade Falls (xas)
4th June, 2012 11th June, 2012

Haunted Hollow (xhw)
17th September, 2012 24th September, 2012

Sunflower Meadows (xmw)
N/A 25th October, 2012

Mistletoe Lane (xhd)
5th November, 2012 19th November, 2012

Angler’s Pond (angler)
N/A 3rd December, 2012

Enchanted Glen (xeg)
7th January, 2013 16th January, 2013

Atlantis (xal)
4th March, 2013 11th March, 2013

Hanging Gardens (xhg)
N/A 3rd April, 2013

Australia (xau)
22nd April, 2013 30th April, 2013

Celestial Pastures (xsp)
10th June, 2013 17th June, 2013

Sweet Acres (xcw)
29th July, 2013 5th August, 2013

Mystical Groves (xff)
16th September, 2013 23rd September, 2013

Holiday Lights (xlg)
4th November, 2013 12th November, 2013

Fields of El Dorado (xrf)
6th January, 2014 13th January, 2014
Farmer’s Square (xfv)
3rd February, 2014
Emerald Valley (xoz)
24th February, 2014
3rd March, 2014
Mediterranean Riviera (xmd)
14th April, 2014
21st, April 2014
Oasis Gardens (xoa)
2nd June, 2014 9th June, 2014
Fairy Tale Fields (xsb)
21st July, 2014 28th July, 2014
Horseman’s Hollow (xsh)
15th September, 2014 22nd September, 2014

Magical Toy Town (xtl)
3rd November, 2014 10th November, 2014

Avalon Wilderlands (xma)
12th  January, 2015 19th January, 2015

Avalon The Kingdom (xmb)
2nd  March, 2015 9th March, 2015

Wild West Ranch (xwa)
20th  April, 2015 27th April, 2015

Treasure Tides (xsa)
8th  June, 2015 15th June, 2015

Savannah Safari (xaf)
27th  July, 2015 3rd August, 2015

Phantom Valley (xtr)
21st September, 2015 28th September, 2015

Alpine Jingle (xwi)
30th November, 2015 7th December, 2015

Namaste India (xin)
18th January, 2016 25th January, 2016

Story of Sakura (xjp)
Plateau of Patience -14th March, 2016

River of Balance-28th March, 2016

Mountain of Strength-18th April, 2016

Zen Valley- 16th May, 2016
Plateau of Patience –21st March, 2016

River of Balance-4th April, 2016

Mountain of Strength-25th April, 2016

Zen Valley- 23rd May, 2016
Caveman Club(xjm)
June 20, 2016
June 27, 2016

Ode To Olympus (xmo)
August 8, 2016
August 15, 2016

Carnaval De Los Muertos(xbo)
September 26, 2016
October 3, 2016

Once Upon A Winter
November 14th, 2016
& December 5th, 2016

November 21, 2016
& December 12, 2016

Note: The codes after the farm names represent the farms. If you are a player who likes to place items on the farm they were released with, you can use our Items Site and search items by name to find items that are no longer/ not locked as many will have these codes in the item name.

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  1. Replies
    1. Because Zynga doesn't think we are busy enough with the amount of farms we already have

  2. You notice how it gets sooner and sooner we get a new this rate, they will release one every week! STOP already and improve on the existing ones!

  3. I am wondering how many of the original players are left. I know almost everyone I originally farmed with has left and they were good, loyal players. After so many new farms, they gave up and realized that this was a money pit if it is plated the way FV wants you to play. Those of us who play for fun don't care about any "winning", it is just fun (for now).

    1. I'm still here. An original player since a few months after it's release. Been on & off on several farms. Only a FV 1 player. Not much into FV 2

  4. What does it mean that Hanging Gardens came out in Several Pushes? That sounds like some weird tech-speak. Perhaps you could use normal words when talking to us normal people? I think in this case it means that Hanging Gardens came out at two different "times". There's also frequently talk about Things Being "Coded". More tech-speak. Please just use normal English words.

  5. Thanks so much for the effort in putting this together - very informative.

  6. is there any way for me to bring up farms by typing in the code somewhere? I am missing five farms...El Dorado, Sweet acres, holiday lights, riviera and Mystical groves.

  7. I am missing a few farms though i come online almost daily.. for example i cant find mediterranian!!


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