Zynga Announces Impending Closure of Café World and Three Other Games



Zynga’s support site carries news this evening of the upcoming closure of 4 of their games. The venerable Café World, two year old Hidden Chronicles, as well as two games that barely saw their first birthday Coasterville and Hidden Shadows. Players of Café World and Hidden Chronicles are being offered a parting gift, with some type of credits for certain games that will remain. They are not specific with regard to what the gift packages are and Farmville does not appear to be one of the choices. All 4 games will be closing in late July, and if you do not already play the games, they are already closed to new players. Please do share with friends to let them know.


All four games are expected to close on July 23, 2014. To read the announcements from the support site, simply click on the name of the game below



Loading Café World and Hidden Chronicles brings up the offer of a parting gift, to be used in select other Zynga Games, along with instructions for claiming it. They are not specific on what the nature of this gift may be and the original Farmville is not among the choices.








Loading Coasterville did not yield such an offer for Dirt Farmer Ioana. Your results may vary. As  the games are already closed to new players, we were not able to get a screenshot for Hidden Shadows.


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  1. FarmVille is one of Zynga's most popular games. The game is not going anywhere anytime soon. We will probably still have FarmVille and FarmVille 2 five or ten years from now.


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