Farmville Unreleased Items May 8, 2014

#TheDirtFarmer has found a number of unreleased images, including some items that #Zynga seems to have planned for the upcoming new #Farmville Egyptian Oasis/Arabian Nights themed farm. Check below to see what we’ve found, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

Egyptian Cow
Egyptian Calf
Trade Camel

Flower Squirrel
Pharaoh Pegacorn
Pharaoh Pegacorn Foal

Egyptian Stallion
Egyptian Stallion Foal

Black Andalusian Unicorn

Black Andalusian Unicorn Foal

Cotton Candy Pegacorn

Cotton Candy Pegacorn Foal

Statue Pegasus

Statue Pegasus Foal

Masked Azure Duck
Gold Fennec Fox

Yellow Flag (Crop)

Potter Gnome

Potted Olive Tree

Blood Red Bloom Tree

Riviera Glass Tree
Sassafras Tree

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