Farmville Summer Personality Vote

It looks like Zynga‘s Farmville will be celebrating Summer with a new Summer Personality voting event.. Check out The Dirt Farmer post for a look at the prizes we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.
This voting event is expected to run from June 4, 2014-June 25, 2014

First a look at the final stages of the voting event

If you have difficulty getting votes click here and ask to join the Dirt Farmer's Vote Help Group. Voting is one of a very few features in Farmville that does not require you to be Facebook or Community friends. You can help and be helped by anyone in the group.

Note: The  path on the left will give you the building on the left with the hut on the deck. The  path on the right will give you the building on the right with the hut beside the waterfalk. Remember that whichever side you do the majority of prizes from first, is the building that you will keep, regardless if you later do the other side. Those are the coded results at this time, and we will update this post should Zynga change it. The buildings in the image above with the animals do not match. The buildings we have posted separately immediately above this blurb are the ones the feature is currently coded to give. 

Now a look at the CONFIRMED rewards for this voting event


Globe Trotter Cow

Stage 1

Shopaholic Cow

Sunshine Duck

Stage 2

Earthyling Duck

Fisher Gnome

Stage 3

Camping Gnome

Printed Tree

Stage 4

Solid Color Tree

Casual Kitten

Stage 5

Hoity Toity Kitty

Whoopee Deer

Stage 6

Droopy Deer

Lost Back Packer Rabbit

Stage 7

Chillax Bunny

Frozen Fruitlet Pig

Stage 8

Slushie Pig
Summer Solstice Horse

Stage 9

Homesick Horse

Floating Rooster

Stage 10

Sun Tanned Chicken

Beach Bear

Stage 11

Hilltop Captain Bear

Friendly Corn

Stage 12

Family Corn

Finally a look at the offspring of the rewards for this voting event
Shopholic Calf
Summer Solstice Foal
Friendlycorn Foal
Droopy Deer Fawn
Whoopee Deer Fawn
Sun Tanned Egg
Floating Rooster Egg
That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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  2. does "coded' mean "slated"? or "scheduled"?


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