Farmville Fairy Tale Farm Survey Hint!

Farmville has taken some time this evening to tantalize us with a hint at farms to come. As we know, we are expecting an Oasis themed farm to release when the Mediterranean Riviera quest line comes to an end. In a hint at the farm to follow that one, Zynga has released a new SURVEY asking for feedback on the name of the next expansion farm. The choices have a decidedly story book/ fairy tale ring to them. Check out a preview of the survey below and of course if you wish to take the survey yourself, click here.

The survey is quite simple in nature, just asking us to select our preference of two possible names for the new farm. It is however, enough of a hint to give away the theme,

What do you think? Which name would you prefer? Do let us know by commenting our post.

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  1. Well, duh - Fairytale Fields, lol.

  2. Boring, we have enough fairytale farms already with Mystical Groves and Enchanted Glen ( which is no also a dud farm since there are no coin expansions just like Mistletoe Lane).

  3. i would love this farm! we all have lots of stuff that would fit in with this theme....and its things i never know what to do with!!!

  4. I personally would have liked " Storybrook Fields " - I hate the word " Stead "

  5. I took the survey and chose Fairytale Fields as the name for the new farm


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