Farmville 5th Birthday Countdown

#Zynga #Farmville is getting ready to celebrate its 5th Birthday with a countdown.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for a sneak peek at the rewards of the 5th Birthday Countdown and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful…

First a look at some of the stamps we’ll be collecting to complete the 5th Birthday Countdown

A look at the possible rewards of the 5th Birthday Countdown… Please note that since this is an unreleased feature Zynga might change the rewards of the Countdown before the time of release as and when they see fit.

5th Birthday Cake
Topsy Turvy Birthday Cow
Birthday Rehearsal Cat
Dark Chocolate Sheep
Bubblegum Birthday Chicken
5 Tier Cupcake Tree
Birthday Shake Pig
5th Birthday Goat
Blissful Birthday Pony
Birthday Bunny
Red Velvet Birthday
Balloongie Dog
Cupcake Gnomette
5th Birthday Giraffe
Party Rooster
Party Crasher Unicorn

When you collect all stamps, you’ll get a Razzled Dazzled Birthday Pegacorn as a bonus reward

And finally a look at the offspring of Countdown rewards

Bubblegum Birthday Egg
Razzled Dazzled Pegacorn Foal
Blissful Pony Foal

Party Crasher Unicorn Foal
Topsy Turvy Birthday Calf

The order of the stamps with required stamp amounts for each day

That’s all we have for now.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for all the latest Farmville news and info…

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