Farmville Next Farm HINT! Your Egyptian Oasis Awaits


Farmville and Zynga seem to be sticking to the survey we shared with you in this prior post. Your Dirt Farmer team has found information indicating that the next expansion farm will have an Oasis theme. If they proceed as outlined in the survey, the new farm which will most likely release sometime in mid-June will have an Egyptian Oasis theme with elements from Arabian Nights.  We have found some unreleased images for you that may be placeholders or may be the breeding pens for the next farm. Disclaimer : these images may change prior to the farm going live. For now have a look at a possible hint as to how some buildings on the next farm may appear.

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Oasis Aviary Oasis Gnome Garden
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Oasis Cow Pasture Oasis Horse Paddock
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Oasis Wildlife Habitat Oasis Zoo
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Oasis Pet Run Oasis Livestock

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  1. why do so many of you people go into shock every time a new farm comes out? they come out every 6 weeks it should not be a surprise by now. And. if you don't want to play it don't! A lot of us like getting new farms!

    1. It's something that players need to expect and stop complaining about. Getting new farms has been part of FarmVille since Zynga released the second farm, English Countryside.

    2. Enough is enough and the game needs to become beatable!

  2. I am happy we are getting these new farms, the game has become so boring and least SOME thing new...I am now only doing the new farm Quests and try to "beat" them...and if the new farm quest becomes too stressful to make, like having to do do receipes for a 5-star Kitchen when I have only a 3 or 4-star one, I skip that one also...If I would try to play all farms and do all quests, the game will turn into pure stress and will eat too much of my time. And since we don't even get any more free FC from ads, I can't be bothered to make too much effort for this game...

  3. does anyone know if we will be able to earn an unwither ring by crafting? i just need to know if bushels are available yet.. tyvm! ;) - justin

    see you sunday! :D

  4. I have had enough of the Middle East. I don't think Oasis is a good choice. Africa might have been more fun.Or a geophysical area such as the North and South poles, or the tundra.


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