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Now is your chance to give Zynga your thoughts on Customer Support! With an all new survey, you now have the chance to answer questions on the quality and availability of game support to you. Your Dirt Farmer team has images for you of the survey questions so you can peruse them and contemplate your answers and of course the link to take the survey yourself. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

If you would like to take the survey yourself click here.
A look at the survey questions, so that you can peruse them at your leisure and determine how you would like to respond, free of the worry of the survey timing out.
The survey in its entirety covers not only Player Support and it’s availability, but also questions on what Zynga games you play, which you have discontinued playing, why you don’t play those anymore, what you would like improved on your favorite game and gages interest in various aspects of a potential VIP program. It is a great way to tell Zynga what’s on your mind.

What do you think? Will you be taking the survey and sharing your opinions with Zynga?

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  1. One of my answers to: What would improve your Customer Support experience? (and my STANDARD answer to what would make it better, etc) If I could go to an accounting of my FV cash. Why don't you have some kind of record for us to see what FV cash was spent on. Also EVERY purchase button should have a confirmation. I have been tricked into spending (losing) stuff I don't want.

  2. another answer: MAKE IT WORK RIGHT --so many issues - LOADING--not so many new things--not enough time to finish--missing FV cash --I'd like an accounting of where my money went without having to contact support (which I can't anyway) IT is fraudulent to just take money--I am not buying your FV cash anymore until you do!

  3. No MORE FARMS! and everything else njoy00 said....

    1. I think a reason why Zynga releases new farms is because if everyone always had the same farms all the time, we would eventually get tired of the same thing. A new farm is like a new adventure in FarmVille and it gives us more space to put things.


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