Farmville Maximizing Free Farm Cash Ads Tips and Tricks

Have the free farm cash ads been missing for you for a while? Worse yet, do you get a popup to watch an ad click it and then …… NOTHING? Your Dirt Farmer team has some tips for you on how to find the free farm cash ads and a workaround for when they seem to vanish before your eyes. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Disclaimer : all ads are targeted by advertisers to be viewed only by  people that they feel are likely to purchase their products. They determine this based on browsing habits, likes and ads that you click on. Not everyone will always or even ever have free farm cash ads. This post is simply to help those that do and are having issues finding or viewing them. We are a fan site, we are not Zynga and thus have no control over who is or is not offered ads.

The first step is to identify the ads that the game makes available to you. The old yellow banner below the game no longer seems to exist. The new banner could easily be missed as it has rich colors that could blend in with other ads on the page.

To find free farm cash ads above or below the game look for one of these two images (note you need to scroll down until you can see the email/settings etc menu below the game to make sure that you have not missed any opportunities) These two types of free farm cash ads will pop out in a new window so make sure you do not have pop-ups blocked for Farmville, Zynga or Facebook.

To find free farm cash in game, you will either want to look for this popup

or this small image in the upper left of your screen, which replaces the usual “add coins and cash” icon.

Many players have found that when clicking on either of the in-game options that it simply disappears – no ad pops up to watch and they never get the farm cash. Frustrating for sure.

The cause of this in most cases is the pop-up going behind the game – we now have a workaround for you to resolve this annoyance.  (Note this works for us – it may not work for all players but it is definitely worth a try)

First click on “watch ad” or “earn farm cash”

Then scroll to the top of the page and click on your gift envelope

Your list of gifts to return will pop up and the ad will now be in front of it.

When you have completed the ad successfully, there will be a green checkmark with congratulations and what you have earned near the top of the popup.

Remember to always scroll to the bottom of the page when doing free farm cash ads – sometimes they will offer you two at a time, one below the other. If you do not scroll, you run the risk of missing out on free farm cash.

We hope this will help you take maximum advantage of the opportunities that Farmville gives us to earn free cash.

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  2. You left out the Little Cow Icon for FREE FC Ads that shows up on the Left Side of your Farm......!!!

  3. Im not getting any adds at all, in any form or way :(
    No way of earning extra FC..

  4. Why is the Earn Farm Cash tab gone and how do we go about earning some now for those that like me who cannot afford to go out and buy a card

  5. No ads popping up at all for days. have looked and waited and I am out of cash.PLEASE fix this! The explanations here do not cover this issue. I am looking for that little square at the bottom right of my screen.


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