Farmville Leaderboards 26th March 2014 to 2nd April 2014

Below is the expected list of the upcoming leaderboard tasks from 26th March 2014 to 2nd April 2014... Use the info to plan wisely and stay ahead of the competition... Remember that the info is accurate at the time of this post, but can change anytime later as and when Zynga decides to change them... To learn more about Leaderboards, check this article here

Updated! Zynga has completely changed this week's leaderboard prior to release. If you have read the post previously, please check it thoroughly again.

26th March 2014 to 2nd April 2014

Task 1 Lavender Flowers Fest!Lavender Flowers
Harvest Lavender Flowers !
6000 Harvests
2x Instagrow Potion
3000 Harvests

3x Unwither

1000 Harvests
1x Fertilize All
Task 2
Craft Large Drinking Bowl!

Craft in the Water Enclosure in the Tin Man Fountain
15 Crafts

2x Unwither

10 Crafts
Large Can of Fuel
3x Large Cans of Fuel

5 Crafts

1x Arborist
Task 3 Craft Gallon Of Milk!

Craft in the Dairy on Farmer’s Square!
6 Crafts

2x Unwither
4 CraftsLarge Can of Fuel
3x Large Cans of Fuel

2 Crafts

1x Arborist

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  1. for tomorrow leaderboard do we have to plant the lavender we have in the market allready or is it a new lavender?

  2. Is there a list of trees to sell to get FS or is it just the 4 in the market?


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