Farmville St Patrick's Day Celebrations Countdown

#Zynga is on their way to releasing the next #Farmville countdown. Following the conclusion of the Carnival Countdown, we will be doing a Farmville St Patrick's Day Celebrations Countdown. Check below to see the images #TheDirtFarmer team has found for you, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

Below we have some of the stamps you’ll be collecting:

The prizes for the new St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Countdown in order with required stamp amounts for each day

And here we have the prizes in order:
Celtic Badger
Celtic Hare
Celtic Fox
Irish Clover Tree
Irish Fairy Gnome
Shamrock Sheep
Celtic Stones
Irish Harp Tree
Rustic Irish Pub
Celtic Monument
Celtic Wolf Hound
Irish Tree of Life
Celtic Horse (Stallion)
Green Waterfall
Legendary Celtic Phoenix
Celtic Dream Deer

The Bonus Prize this round will most likely be the Celtic Pegacorn

And finally we have the offspring of the various prizes:

Celtic Stallion Foal

Celtic Pegacorn Foal

Celtic Dream Fawn

Legendary Celtic Phoenix Egg

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for updated information. Happy farming!

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  1. Well at least its working now, most of this except for the Rustic Irish Pub, the Celtic Stones and Cross will go in Emerald Valley since the colours match, the legendary Pheonix I assume goes into the Legendary Roost or is it the Chicken Coop for eggs?


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