Never Miss A Post From Your Favorite Facebook Pages Again

We’ve been preaching about sharing the Dirt Farmer’s posts forever in an attempt to get our Page to your News Feed. Studies show that page posts typically reach a small amount of their total followers.
This is due to the EdgeRank algorithm. We have mentioned this more than a few times on The Dirt Farmer LIVE! Radio Show. Facebook uses EdgeRank to determine what populates a user’s Newsfeed. Just liking a page doesn’t guarantee that it will show up in your feed – selecting the ‘Show in Newsfeed’ option doesn’t bypass EdgeRank either. Liking, commenting and sharing on a page’s content gives it a higher ranking in your EdgeRank and makes it more likely that you’ll see it.
If you want to make sure you receive all updates from your favorite pages,  then there are a couple of things you can do:
  1. Add the page to an Interest List. You can create your own by clicking on the ‘Interests’ link located at the bottom of the left column of Facebook page.
  2. Opt in to receive notifications from the Facebook page.
  3. Select the ‘Show in News Feed’ option located on the ‘Liked’ button of the page in question. (If available) This does NOT guarantee that the page will show in your feed.
  4. Click the Pages Feed located in the left column under ‘Pages.’ (this will show you all recent updates from pages you have liked)
This technique will not only allow you to keep up with everything FARMVILLE from the Dirt Farmer…It can also be used to keep you in touch with all your favorite Facebook Pages.
Page notifications are a new feature Facebook introduced  late last year. Any time a page you follow issues a status update, then you’ll receive a Facebook notification. Granted this could get a little annoying and might be a little much to do for every page you follow, but this is a great way to make sure you don’t miss important posts from your favorite pages.
This graphic from Chris Parillo…courtesy of IceflowStudios graphically shows how you can Stay Connected

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