Farmville Playpen Limit Will Be FIXED Official Word.


Recently rumors have been flying about the playpen limit, many traceable back to the major FALSE information source that is Farmville Customer Support. About 2 weeks ago, after an enhance, playpen frames were limited to 1 after an enhancement. Your Dirt Farmer team has the official word for you, from the General Manager of Farmville, Heather Sinclair, on what happened and a commitment that it will be fixed. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

In this thread in our ASK the Dirt Farmer group, Farmville General manager Heather Sinclair has commented about the cause of the limit one playpen bug, how the rumors got started and committed that they’re going to put it back so we will be able to buy multiples again. To read the thread in it’s entirety click here. To view her comment, simply scroll down.


Remember, never believe anything you hear from Customer Support without confirmation. Heather Sinclair is in charge of the game, if you want to know what they're really up to, look for her comments or results from our team communicating with her. 

In this case, she has communicated to us that Customer Support was indicating that the limit of one due to game design was due to a miscommunication from the Studio and not the fault of support. She has also indicated that they are working to train customer support to improve their accuracy. If customer support tells you something that seems off, please ask for a transcript to be sent to you, and post what they told you to our ASK the Dirt Farmer group. That way, your Dirt Farmer team can let you know if the information is accurate, and communicate with Farmville GM Heather Sinclair if it is not, so that she can handle these issues and get us to the point where we no longer have to tell you not to believe Customer Support more quickly. 

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  2. What about the dream deer woods why are we only allowed to have 1 of those period one on each farm would be nice considering the amount of deer being released and the legendary bird roost the birds won't go in any other pen it should at least be expandable there are more than 20 birds locked to that pen.

    1. Nichole the Dream Deer Woods is not limited to one per farm and the Legendary Bird Roost is expandable to 100 just like the coops, If you are experiencing troubles with those two items I suggest you contact Customer support for assistance.

    2. Nichole check your gift box. If a pen such as Dream Deer Woods is showing locked in the market on every farm, the most likely reason is that there is a frame in your giftbox. You must complete one before purchasing another and you can then have as many as you like per farm.


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