Farmville Golden Farmer Rewards Program.

476m In a move foreshadowed right here at The Dirt Farmer, Farmville and Zynga look to be going forward with the upcoming rewards/loyalty program. In this prior post, the Farmville studio requested feedback via comments on what players would like to see. Your Dirt Farmer team has found an unreleased image for you, that hints on what they are going with.  Did they listen to the feedback? Check it out and decide for yourself. Please do share with friends to let them know.

In the unreleased image, the rewards/loyalty program is called Golden Farmer. It offers some interesting rewards such as farming without fuel. Something many would like. It offers a points system to attain or maintain Golden Farmer status, but does not give away too much on what one needs to do to accrue those points. It also foreshadows special events and sales exclusive to those with Golden Farmer Status.
Looks like we will have yet another icon at the top of the game.
A popup to let us know when the feature goes live (at this time the reference to the stable and nursery barn appears to be placeholder text. There is no way to tell yet if they are in any way associated with this feature)
& a similar pop-up to those from the Hollybright Tree and Munchkin Land to let us know when we unlock a reward.
A look at the icon in the market

A look at the ways to accrue points

Note: Either you see no progress until you actually attain Golden Farmer Status  and it’s 200 points or this feature is NOT WORKING. In testing the feature I (Dirt Farmer Heather) harvested 1,000 plots, obtained 6 crop mastery stars including 3 that were 3 star mastery, made and harvested 7 recipes, got 2 animal mastery stars and purchased and placed 1 farm cash item. This took me from zero points to zero points. At minimum, even if they’re only counting 3 star masteries, which is not completely clear as the  language they use is similar to leaderboards which count all stars, I should have had a minimum of 115 points. Dirt Farmer Robbin got no points for mastering 10 animals to 3 stars and Dirt Farmer Billie got zero points for mastering 2 animals to 3 stars.

Loyalty Points Awarded
Harvesting Crops (First 50 per day only)
Mastering Crops
Mastering Trees
Crafting Recipes (likely cottages and craft shop only)
Mastering Animals
Purchasing item with Farm Cash

The number of points at which you attain Golden Farmer Status is a little unclear, they reference “Golden Farmer default value” at 200 points and “Golden Value” at 100 points.
It appears this feature will also have a statue attached to it, possibly like the subscription statues. This one is called the Loyalty Statue:
Also, we will have the chance to earn rewards with the feature. Below are images of the prizes you can get with this feature

Loyal Cow

Loyal Calf

Loyal Horse

Loyal Foal

Loyal Pegacorn

Loyal Pegacorn Foal

Loyal Chicken

Loyal Egg

That’s all we have for now, stay tuned to The Dirt Farmer for more information as and how it becomes available.

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  1. It would be nice to see some kind of player loyalty rewards. I've been playing since the beginning. When I reached level 1000, I got the same old pop up box that said Congratulations, you've reached level... I mean really.

  2. I Don't Understand Why So Many People Complain ~ Complain ~ Complain!!! Zynga Is A Business!!! Of Course They Need To Make Money!!! Basically The Whole Entire Game Is Free and You Can Get Many Items For FREE (Including The Licenses For Farms By Completing The "Beat The Farm Tasks" ) I Now Know That On The First Wednesday After A New Farm Has Been Released That Farm Cash Will Be On Sale For 40% Off, I Also Know That The Previous Farm Will End Up Going To 90% Off for Expansions - So, I Save For The Sale And Plan My Purchases for Expansions. Just Enjoy The Game and Play How YOU Want!!! I Have been Playing Since The First Weed FV Started, and I Think That They Are Trying Really Hard Now To Fix Major Issues In A More Timely Manner. I Think It Must Be Hard With All Of The Programming - Sometimes Things Get Messed Up and It Only Affects A Certain Block Of People and It Takes Time To Sort! Also, They Can't "Reward" People For Their Levels Because Of All The Bots and Cheating Applications It Is Very Easy To Reach a "High" Level!!! I Am Only At Level 367 ~ It Doesn't Really Matter Anymore Since I No Longer Receive The $1 For Leveling Up. When We First Started I Think 70 Was The Highest Level - Everyone Was Thrilled To Death When They Raised It To 100!!! And Then, I Think A Year Or Two Later They Made The Levels As High As You Could Go And Raised The $1 Level-Up pay To Level 250!!! We Were Thrilled To Death! One Day I Found Myself Crying Over Something And Then Later Realized ~ OMG! I am 50 Years Old This Is A Game That I Play To Take My Mind Off Of My Pain and I'm Crying!!!! What Is Wrong With Me??? Ever Since Then, I Have Taken A Huge Step Back and I Just Do What I am Comfortable Doing!! I Don't Get Stressed If I Miss Something Or Don't Complete It!! I've Realized That The World Won't End!!! So, Just Enjoy What You're Able To Do For FREE and Realize What A Great Opportunity You've Been Given To Make So Many Awesome Friends From All Over The World!!! I Love My FV Neighbors and Have Developed Some Great Relationships and True Friendships With Many People In The U.S. and In Many Different Countries!!! Have FUN, It's A GAME!!!!! :)

    1. Exactly, I've reached the same point,.. because if you let the game play you, there goes the fun, right?


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