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Wild West Horse

Yesterday your Dirt Farmer Team gave you a hint at the next farm to expect after Fields of El Dorado. The next one will be a Wizard of Oz themed farm, apparently focused on the Emerald City

The Farmville studio is apparently still busy working on future themes for new farms for us. Today they released a survey asking for feedback on some options for future farms.  If you would like to take the survey yourself click here.


The first proposed theme is the Mediterranean, this would seem to be based on the popular Tuscan theme, but also referencing elements from Greece and Turkey.

Second and third come Egyptian Oasis which would unlock the mysteries of the Nile as well as touching on the previously foreshadowed Arabian Nights theme. Americana which would cover the Southern and Midwestern United States with a little Wild West and Cowboy lassoed in.

Fourth up is Resort Island, a tropical beach themed farm with pirate themed accents. Seems a little too much like Hawaiian Paradise to capture our interest.

Fifth and Final is a European Vacation, steeped in French, German and Swiss tradition with rustic accents.

The final question asks for your ideas on what you would like to see – do you have a great idea for a farm theme to share?

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  1. Need a new Western Pioneer Themed farm similar to Pioneer Trail and build it slowly and expand it to include Holidays and Special Stories throughout the year. Indians, storms, floods, all kinds of goodies. Just make it a steady growth and space out the quests. I miss playing Pioneer Trail but it went crazy and I couldn't get on to play and got so far behind I just quit playing. Had a great idea, just let it go haywire. Same with the Farms on Farmville...I am tired of making crafts to advance in the game, too much to keep up with and too many farms and not enough coin expansions for people with every farm you have put out. Need to rotate the coin expansions or give us a choice of one that we can expand with coins. That would be fair and you would still have all the others that you used Farm Cash for expansions. Also add new houses, decorations and animals and crops and trees each season or maybe twice a year to each farm. Give us room to make the farms look good...too many quests and crafts to keep up with and you can't make the farms unique or special these days. Let it be more fun to play again. You still have oodles of money to make on everything!

  2. A Prehistoric one would be nice.......We already have some dinosaurs and I think it would be cool........Like a Flintstone theme :)

  3. i would like either a element or a food themed farm be cool

  4. How about a Texas themed farm with oil well drilling and a refinery to make fuel??


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