Farmville New Farm Survey HINT: Get Ready For A Mediterranean Vacation!

Tuscan Villa

In a prior post we let you know that Farmville and Zynga were doing yet another survey to determine the theme for the new farm following the upcoming Wizard of Oz themed farm. It looks as though they have settled on a Mediterranean farm, hopefully with much influence from the widely beloved Tuscan Theme. A new survey has been released to day to glean feedback on proposed names for the upcoming Mediterranean farm. To see the questions scroll down, to take the survey yourself click here. Please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

Again, if you wish to communicate which you like best to Zynga, click here to take the survey yourself. Rather partial to Azure Coast myself.

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  1. This one may be OK but whoeever thought up the Wizard of Oz farm needs to be fired. Whatever happened to the African farm that was talked about a while back

  2. Not crazy about another sea side farm, seems we have a lot of water themes, and personally I like the idea of the Wizard of Oz farm, and also the African farm would be nice too, what I would love to see is a church that we can put on our farm, and temples etc..I would like to share my faith on my farm, I alread spell out Lord and God on some of my farms with hay bales...thanks, hope you take this a give us what we want.

  3. The Africa farm was a rumor, unless you hear it from the Dirt Farmer its NOT true. dont believe everything you see out there.


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