Farmville Fields of El Dorado Chapter 6 Quest Guide

Quest Story: This place is really starting to grow on me. There is just so much to discover and explore! I wonder if we can convince the Duke to stay awhile, too...
Expected duration of the Farmville Fields of El Dorado Chapter 6 Quest is from 10th February 2014 to 17th February 2014
Note: These quests are specific to the Farmville Fields of El Dorado Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...
These quests are repeatable… Also, make sure you read the FULL POST, so that you don't miss out any important tips...
Note: The Crop alternatives mentioned here are good at the time of making this post originally… To check on the updated list, you can check out our Crop Alternatives Page on our Items Info Site

Quest Info

BIRD WATCHING: The jungle is home to many different types of Legendary Birds. Maybe having a book of each type will inspire him to find them all.

Get Comfortable 
Legendary Birds Book  allVanillaVine  paintbrush  Legendary Chicken 
1. Get 7 Legendary Birds Book 2. Harvest 100 Vanilla Vine (14 Hrs) 3. Make Paint Brush 2 Times in the Jungle Hideaway Reward: 1 Legendary Chicken
Other Rewards: 150 XP 3000 Coins  310 Rainforest Points (RP) Share Rewards: Gold Stone Gold Stone 
Quest Tips: VanillaVine Alternative: Super Vanilla Vine(14 hrs ) Paint brush requires an exotic waistband each, which each require Feather Earrings. It is wise to make the 2 feather earrings and 2 exotic waist bands prior to quest start and have a paint brush (2 hours) ready.
This chicken really wants to be among the Legendary... check the book. Did you see her? Yeah, I didn't think so...
PARTS UNKNOWN: He loved the books! It's working! Let's get some maps of the area so he'll know how much more there is to discover!

Get Comfortable 
Map of El Dorado  allCocoaCoffee  Energy Elixir  Treasure Map Turtle 
1. Get 8 Maps of El Dorado 2. Harvest 150 Cocoa Coffee (14 Hrs) 3. Craft 2 Energy Elixir in the Herbal Hut Reward: 1 Treasure Map Turtle
Other Rewards: 200 XP  320 Rainforest Points (RP)3500 Coins  Share Rewards: Gleaming Glyphs Gleaming Glyphs 
Quest Tips: CocoaCoffee Alternative: Super Cocoa Coffee(14 hrs ) Energy Elixir is a 2 star building recipe.
We could spend a lifetime exploring the Fields of El Dorado!
TEA TIME: Being English, tea is very important to the Duke. Little does he know, El Dorado is home to many native strains.

Get Comfortable 
Teas of El Dorado  allAvacadoSquash  ceramicbowl  Tea Time Tree 
1. Get 9 Teas of El Dorado 2. Harvest 200 Avacado Squash (19 Hrs 54 Min) 3. Make Ceramic Bowl 2 Times in the Jungle Hideaway Reward: 1 Tea Time Tree
Other Rewards: 250 XP 4000 Coins  330 Rainforest Points (RP) Share Rewards: Gilded Pedestal Gilded Pedestal 
Quest Tips: AvacadoSquash Alternative: Super Avocado Squash(19 hrs 54 mins) Ceramic bowls take 2 hours and each will require a 2 hour body paint. It is wise to make the body paint prior to quest start.
Thanks to you, the Duke can have his own little piece of England, right here in El Dorado.
SIMPLE PLEASURES: As you know, the Duke really loves coloring books. They keep him occupied for days!

Get Comfortable 
Coloring Books  allEclipseSunflower  Energy Elixir  Color Fountain 
1. Get 9 Coloring Books 2. Harvest 250 Eclipse Sunflower (14 Hrs) 3. Raise Energy Elixir to Level 3 Reward: 1 Color Fountain
Other Rewards: 300 XP 4500 Coins  340 Rainforest Points (RP) Share Rewards: Gold Stone Gold Stone 
Quest Tips: EclipseSunflower Alternative: Super Eclipse Sunflower(14 hrs )  2 star crafting cottage recipes generally (including this one) start at level 3. The Energy Elixir is a gimme.
The Duke is a sucker for a good coloring book. And you got him a bunch!
A NEW HOBBY: As much as I enjoy seeing the Duke relax, I don't want him to get restless if we're here for the long term. Let's find him something constructive to do.

Get Comfortable 
Tribal Drums  allButterflyOrchid  decorativerug  Bengal Unicorn 
1. Get 10 Tribal Drums 2. Harvest 300 Butterfly Orchid (23 Hrs) 3. Make Decorative Rug 2 Times in the Jungle Hideaway Reward: 1 Bengal Unicorn
Other Rewards: 350 XP 5000 Coins  350 Rainforest Points (RP) Share Rewards: Gleaming Glyphs Gleaming Glyphs 
Quest Tips: ButterflyOrchid Alternative: Super Butterfly Orchid(23 hrs) Decorative Rugs take 4 hours each, it is wise to have one ready prior to reaching this step. Make sure to use a bushel of Butterfly Orchids when you harvest your Butterfly Orchids as you will need to master this crop to 2 stars in the next step. To see exactly how many mastery points per plot you will receive depending on which bonus factors  you employ on your farm click here.
Look at the Duke go on those drums! He's learning the native beats!
HANGING AROUND: Getting the Duke to stick around here long-term is all about adding the comforts of home. I have just the finishing touch.

Get Comfortable 
Jungle Hammock  allEmeraldPineapple  Butterfly Orchid  Legendary Song Bird 
1. Get 12 Jungle Hammocks 2. Harvest 350 Emerald Pineapple (46 Hrs) 3. Master Butterfly Orchid to 2 Stars Reward: 1 Legendary Song Bird
Other Rewards: 400 XP 5500 Coins  360 Rainforest Points (RP) Share Rewards: Gilded Pedestal Gilded Pedestal 
Quest Tips: EmeraldPineapple Alternative: Super Emerald Pineapple(46 hrs) To check mastery points that you will receive  per plot  depending on which bonus features you employ on your farm, click here.
A Legendary Song Bird! Listen to it sing! I can't wait to discover more of this species!


Total Bushels needed: 6 Cocoa Coffee, 6 Eclipse Sun Flower, 6 Chaya Spinach

Jungle Hideaway Ingredients needed: 22 Paint Bowl, 10 Feather, 8 Water Leaf, 6 Traditional Cloth,


Total Plots to Harvest: 1350 this does not include any additional plots that you will need to master Butterfly Orchid to 2 stars. To determine how many additional you need to plant, based on which bonuses you have click here.


Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Farmville Fields of El Dorado Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, ‘unless’ you see the quests icon active on the other farms too…

It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests… More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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