Winter Is Coming Quest Strategy Guide

The upcoming Farmville Winter Is Coming all farm quest is a challenging one with intensive crafting, and several two day crops. Your Dirt Farmer team has a strategy guide for those of you who wish to complete this quest. Remember to play the game your way, do what you find to be fun and don’t do what you do not enjoy.  Farmville General Manager Heather Sinclair indicated in our interview with her that Zynga looks at engagement – the number of people who start and complete features to determine their success. One of the best ways to get them to hear your voice is just do what you love, it’s a game, take back your fun. For the full quest guide click here.
Before starting the quest, if completion is important to you, check the level of your Yarn Barn. You will need a LEVEL 16 Yarn Barn with 10,790 total points accumulated in order to complete this quest in full.

If you use these steps to pre-craft and pre-plant you will be able to complete this quest in 151 hours or roughly 6 Days, 6.5 hours.

If you opt to process each step as it comes up without pre-planning, you will be able to complete the quest in exactly 14 days. That is only IF you craft ingredients for multiples of the same recipe while the first ones are cooking, and never are late for any harvest time.

Prior To Quest Start

  • Pre-craft your  first Wool Socks, Alpaca Yarn and Friendship Bracelet.
  • Precraft as many Wool Yarn and Wool Thread as you can hold and still have room to harvest other crafts, You will need close to 40 of the 2 minute Wool Yarn for the entire quest and 8 of the 5 minute Wool Thread. Make sure to leave one Wool Yarn ready to harvest for the first stage of the quest.
  • Preplant the 150 Nymph Morels (2 day crop) as soon as possible to save time.
  • Preplant for Steps 1-3 (if you have room plant 120 Rutebega instead of 60, you will need 1 star mastery by quest end, also preplant the teaberries and beets.
  • Rutebega will be in the market at normal update time, 13 hours before the quest begins.

Step 1

Winter Is Coming
  • Make sure to use a bushel when you harvest your Rutebega. If you have planted 120 as suggested above, that and the latter stage requirement will give you the one star mastery that you need to complete the quest, as long as you harvest with a bushel both times.
  • Save as many of the yarn from this step as possible. You will need them later.
  • If you have pre-planned with the guide this stage will take 16 min. If not it will take 12 hours.

Step 2

Sugar Plum Puppy
  • You will need to harvest the Sugar Plum Puppy 2 times for this step. Continue to rotate it through pet runs when you are finished. You will need 1 star mastery for a later step
  • Preplant your Gooseberries for Stage 6 during this stage
  • If you have pre-planned to this stage, this stage will take 2 hours. If not it will take 18 hours.

Step 3

Alpaca Yarn
  • You should already have 1 Alpaca Yarn ready when you reach this stage if you have pre-planned. If you have, crafting for this stage will take 12 hours. If not, it will take 16 hours. If you have not pre-planted the crop, you can do so now, as it will equal minimum crafting wait.
  • As soon as your Alpaca Yarn crafting requirement met, begin making any additional Wool Thread that you will need for Wool Socks and have not yet made.
  • Save the Alpaca Yarn, you will need it later.

Step 4

  • If you have pre-planned with the guide to this stage, your Sugar Plum Puppy will already be mastered to one star and your Nymph Morels will be ready.  If so this step will take only a few minutes, if not it will take 46 hours (a little less than 2 days)

Step 5

  • Make sure to use a bushel when you harvest your Rutebegas. If you do and have planted the recommended 60 extra for Step 1 and used a bushel both times, this will satisfy the upcoming 1 star mastery requirement.
  • If you have pre-planned to date, you will have one Wool Socks ready. If you have this stage will take 36 hours. If not it will take 48 hours.
  • Pre Craft your 3 Ice Horses in the Craft shop, at least by the time you start your last pair of Wool Socks.
  • Pre Plant the Kale for Step 7  when you start the 3rd Pair of Wool Socks.
  • You will need 4 Cotton Thread and a total of 8 Alpaca Yarn for Step 7. Whenever you are not making Wool Thread,  (which should only take 40 minutes out of the entire step, even if you made none ahead) Make the other 4 Alpaca Yarn (assuming you’ve saved the 4 from Step 3) and the 4 Cotton thread. At 20 hours, of ingredient crafting, you can be fully prepared while Wool Socks are cooking.

Step 6

Ice Horse Sculpture
  • If you have pre-crafted and pre-planted as per this guide to this point, this stage will take only a few minutes, if not it will take 46 hours.

Step 7

  • Immediately start your first Cuddly Sweater (You will not have been able to craft ahead unless you did not pre-plan for Step 6. The Cuddly Sweater is made in the Knitter, the same machine as the Wool Socks.
  • As soon as this stage starts, pre-plant your Broccoli for stage 8
  • If you have completed all the ingredients for cuddly sweaters in prior stages as recommended, keep your Spinner busy preparing 4 Cotton Thread and 8 Angora Yarn for Stage 8.
  • As soon as you have completed 2 Angora Yarn and 1 Cotton Thread and 2 Wool Yarn, start the first Gloves in the Loom. Do this at least by the time you start your last Cuddly Sweater.
  • If you have pre-planned to date this stage will take 48 hours. If not and you make sure to keep making ingredients while crafting the remaining sweaters it will take 57 hours.

Step 8

  • You should have one Gloves ready to go and ingredients to start another when you reach this stage. Your Broccoli should also be ready to harvest.
  • If you have followed the guide and pre-planned to this stage, you will be able to complete it in 36 hours. If you have not – and if you are careful to make ingredients while the gloves are cooking, you will be done in 61 hours.
  • Collect 2 Dye and make 2 more Cotton Yarn and 2 more Wool Yarn during this stage if you do not already have them.

Step 9

  • You should already have one Friendship Bracelet read to harvest when you reach this stage and ingredients ready to start the next.
  • If you have followed the guide, your Rutebega will already be at 1 star mastery.
  • If you have pre-planned to this stage, you will be able to complete it in 16 hours, if not it will take 32 hours.

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  1. I think you forgot to take the typical minimum 6 hours of time necessary to get two requests for items from the feed. Most of us don't have 13 people ready and waiting to click on our requests. That adds another 18 hours at least or more if the endings and beginnings occur at inconvenient middle of the night or workday periods...


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