We have been getting numerous reports from Farmers for the past few days.
Nearly all of us experienced a loading problem for a few hours last week. For most the problem was corrected fast. For some the problems started long before the outage last week and still continue.
Most claim they cannot load the farm for a few days…One claims she has been locked out since Holiday Light’s went live and still another says his farm has not loaded for 3 weeks.

It’s apparently a growing issue and the Dirt Farmer wants to know how many are locked out of Farmville.
Please use the comments section below to report your farm’s loading issue.
1. Please post your FB UID
(if you do not know your FB UID click here)
2. Tell us how long loading issues have prevented you from playing…If it takes forever to load and then you get WHOA FARMER’d
3. Tell what steps, if any, you have performed to attempt to fix the issue yourself (clear flash cache, tried different browsers, removed the reinstalled Farmville, checked for Java updates, checked for Flash updates.)
4. Please indicate if you are STUCK LOADING at 99%…Have a WHITE SCREEN that never loads or you do load but quickly go WHOA FARMER

Once we have collected your info we will then forward this post to the Farmville Studio…By supplying info on your problem you may help solve the issue for everyone.

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  1. i agree, i also have loading issues since yesterday, and it's difficult to transfer from one farm to another,

  2. Its had sound issues all day today too.

  3. Hi Neighbors,
    Do you have Firefox ? My problems started when Firefox updated their brower. In the upper- left hand side of the search bar do you see a camera and a earth icon ? If you click on the camera it states " Adobe Flash ", I must click on ( continue allowing ) to load. There is another icon that shows up in the same area. When I click on the icon it ask if I want to play with a 3rd party. " I click on yes, do not block" and the game reloads. ** Important ** I had my Microsoft 7 desktop repaired to play games and shoved the new Microsoft 8 computer in a dark closet. I could not use the Micro8 version at all for games. I hope this helps you with some of your frustrations.

  4. My problem started on the 14th of November, all farms load but I have the following problem, the request envelope in the game will not open, also I cannot post or reqest anything, all posts dispear in the ether or cyberspace. Contacted Zynga it will be one week this coming monday and NO REPLY from them.

  5. I also have loading issues and it's difficult to transfer from one farm to another

  6. Farmville not loading for the past few days... nothing changed at my end. Cleared cached, Flash Player Cache and tried other browsers.... yellow bar gets what looks like 99% or maybe 100% then it just sits there. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. TY

    "id": "100000630184002",
    "first_name": "Robert",
    "gender": "male",
    "last_name": "Farmer",
    "locale": "en_US",
    "name": "Robert Farmer",
    "username": "whytegold"

  7. I accidentally clicked cancel when it asked me if i wanted to do the fortune cookie quest again. Is there anyway to start it over? I did want to do it again. Help plz FarmVille Game ID: 100000295280187


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