How FACEBOOK is Destroying FARMVILLE and All Your Favorite Games


SUN DEC 22, 2013: FarmVille
If you play Farmville or any other “social” game on Facebook, you may have noticed how difficult it’s become. On Tuesday December 17th 2013, Facebook initiated a number of “upgrades” that make gaming on Facebook nearly impossible.

Most gamers realized months ago that the main news feed is wrecked beyond repair. Gamers use news feed “filters” to only see the game or games they play. This allows them to more efficiently obtain rewards and help from those games. Whether you use the App Filter, Games Filter or the filter for a specific game, you are now basically at a loss.
The post upgrade filters have no continuity. Meaning there is no chronological order. A 2 second old post may be below a 5 minute old post and several others scrambled. Gamers hunt for the newest posts and work back…That’s how we use the news feed.
Also…The game posts have no relevance. We are now seeing 100 posts that show us what a friend has done or claimed. Gamers want to click on rewards and click to help friends…If we wanted to see what was already claimed we’d go to someone’s personal Time Line. But, we don’t for a reason. This is like playing cards and instead of being dealt a hand…You get a card that says someone got an Ace at the next table, yesterday.
Using the Farmville ONLY news feed filter now…You will not only see other game posts but personal posts as well. Proving that Facebook has busted this option completely.
Time will tell if Facebook plans on fixing this debacle. It seems like every move that make is against the “social” aspect of social media.
We’ve all spent time building our friends lists in order to play and interact only to be “not seen” by up to 80% of them. Pages dedicating to informing and entertaining are being throttled and extorted out of existence SEE ARTICLE. If we send too many Friends Requests we get a suspension known as “facebook jail”. In fact facebook can shut down your account for any reason and you loose everything. Recently they have done just that.
To make matters worse…Every time Facebook “upgrades” anything we run the risk of being disconnected from Friends. We can no longer collect or help friends who play the game. This usually corrects itself within 24-48 hours and we see only a few friends dis-connect. With the MEGA tweaks we’ve seen this week it’s even worse. Currently I should have connection to 4800 FV Players through my friends list. Thanks to Facebook I can only connect to 400…REALLY!
The actions Facebook takes to conflict with the gaming aspect of it’s platform is baffling considering the revenue I generates.
ZYNGA alone makes up anywhere from 12-15% of Facebook’s TOTAL revenue, from quarter to quarter, consistently since 2010.
Zynga isn’t the only gaming company on Facebook…See the chart above for the total quarter to quarter revenue generated by social games.


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  1. then you need to bring back farmville back on so that it would work normaly and people who arnt your freinds who play farmville will post stuff will help you on the game too.

  2. Oh yeah, I've noticed big time. Thought I was reading something wrong when I got your email.
    I had quit playing for about a year and a half. Came back to the game to help my husband with his farm in April of this year. Let's see, I quit playing in near Christmas time and he did too in 2011. After being away from the game that long, we both noticed. I had to contact support with an issue I was having. I was not at all happy with the reply. When I had to contact support in earlier times, they were very nice. They felt like they respected me as a player. I felt none of that this time around. I've always thought this game was too big for it's britches and should be released not through Facebook but through their own marketing and the game being available to buy on computer disk or other platform. They could do this if they wanted to. I don't doubt loyal FV players would buy this game and continue on if their present level was preserved. I love FV like other players. This game is like no other. Us, the users deserved better. I have let them know this too with support feedback. Zynga needs to quit playing footsie and bust a move big time. At one time, I thought they were going to move to Google. Don't know what happened there. I play mostly through Google Chrome anyway. It would make my day. XBox, Playstation, Wii, would be better than what we have now. What we have now is dangling on a thread.
    Thanks for letting me vent. It's been building for a while.

    1. SO AGREE WITH YOU!! I have noticed on FB that if you click to get notifications, then you get your FV friends stuff going to your wall. BUT on the other hand playing through FB is almost impossible now!!! The game freezes more than ever and a lot of hassle! I too had quit for a little over a year but with winter and no one around much started playing again... One thing I can say a friend who plays WoW on her computer, a very graphically based game with lots of interaction-- plays easier for her than FV!!!!! Constant issues with FV she had quit playing too but with me back to playing and her coming around she has gone back to the game too :)

  3. When i played, i didn't get stuff off the newsfeed, that's too cumbersome and time consuming. There's several game feed apps out there that work way better at getting stuff...

  4. The ONLY Reason I've remained on FB-----IS FV --pointblank ...sure, I may 'happen' to get a fleeting bit of info---that JUST happened upon me by chance.....FV out---?? I'm MORE THAN HAPPY TO BE AN XXXXXXX-FB USER----I've been looking for a reason to do a year so or now..... Now Just seems to be the Time---I think I'm Done... I Truly Hope Zynga has seen the writing; we Have and we're done....Thank You And Goodnight

  5. I would definitely quit FB and go with Zynga, if they chose to leave FB. I am like Murdock Trashbag, I am only here for Farmville and would be so very happy to be an EX-FB user, if Zynga moved elsewhere.

  6. Count me in on this break from FB. We all love this game and to give up 4 years of time and money spent is hard, but the frustrations are mounting on an hourly basis and it is just becoming too hard to enjoy and be SOCIAL! I;m done too. Thanks.


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