Farmville Winter Is Coming Quest Guide

Farmville Winter Is Coming Quest

Quest Story: Oh my darling Lucas! I'll miss you while I'm in the human world! Parting is such sweet sorrow! But I must go to bring them a white winter! Make way for the ice and snow, the wind and the cold! Nix is here!

Expected duration of this Farmville quest is from 5th December 2013 to 19th December 2013

Note: These are all farm quests and repeatable… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images will only show up when they are available in the game files… For updated list of crop alternatives that can be used for quest planting, click here
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Quests Info

SWAPPING SEASONS: Farmer, it's time to change the season from autumn to winter! That's why I'm here! Are you ready?

Winter Is Coming 
Stocking Caps  allRutabaga  woolYarn  Sugar Plum Puppy 
1. Get 7 Stocking Caps 2. Harvest 60 Rutabaga (12 hrs ) 3. Make 8 Wool Yarn in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Sugar Plum Puppy
Other Rewards: 125 XP 2500 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips: Don't forget to use a Rutabaga bushel for faster mastery. You will need to master it for the last step of the quest.
You're all ready for the cold weather, aren't you? Super!
CREATING THE COLD: I love that smell, when it just starts to get cold! Bring it on! Rise up, winds from the north!

Winter Is Coming 
Warm Mittens  allTeaberry  Sugar Plum Puppy  Ice Skater Gnome 
1. Get 8 Warm Mittens 2. Harvest 90 Teaberries (17 hrs 54 mins) 3. Harvest Sugar Plum Puppy 2 Times Reward: 1 Ice Skater Gnome
Other Rewards: 150 XP 3000 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips: Harvest the Sugar Plum Puppy in the Pet Run.
I've just about got the temperature down to freezing! See? The pond is ready for ice skating!
WARMING WEAR: Ah! There we go... your farm is settling into its winter ways quite nicely!

Winter Is Coming 
Winter Scarves  allBoldBeets  alpacaYarn  Book Of XP 
1. Get 9 Winter Scarves 2. Harvest 120 Bold Beets (12 Hrs) 3. Make 4 Alpaca Yarn in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Book Of XP
Other Rewards: 175 XP 3500 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips:
Way to go, Farmer! You totally know your stuff when it comes to cold-weather farming!
FROST EFFECTIVE: Hooray! Those winter winds are picking up! Soon we'll have a beautiful blanket of snow!

Winter Is Coming 
Pinwheels  allNymphMorel  Sugar Plum Puppy  Snow Fairy Cow 
1. Get 10 Pinwheels 2. Harvest 150 Nymph Morel (46 Hrs) 3. Master Sugar Plum Puppy to 1 Star Reward: 1 Snow Fairy Cow
Other Rewards: 200 XP 4000 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips: arvest the Sugar Plum Puppy in the Pet Run.
With your help, this winter is shaping up to be my best yet!
COOL CUSTOMS: Wow! The snow is falling! So beautiful... *sniff* it gets me every time!

Winter Is Coming 
Snowballs  allRutabaga  woolSocks  Unwither 
1. Get 10 Snowballs 2. Harvest 180 Rutabaga (12 Hrs) 3. Make 4 Wool Socks in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Unwither
Other Rewards: 225 XP 4500 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips: Don't forget to use a Rutebaga bushel for faster mastery.
Whew! That was lots of fun! No one does snow games quite like you humans do!
MOUNTAIN OF A SNOW HILL: What next? I know! Let's sled down the hill over behind the horse stable!

Winter Is Coming 
Wooden Sleds  allGooseBerry  Ice Horse Sculpture  Sledding Chicken 
1. Get 11 Wooden Sleds 2. Harvest 180 Gooseberry (46 Hrs) 3. Make 3 Ice Horse Sculptures in the Craftshop Reward: 1 Sledding Chicken
Other Rewards: 250 XP 5000 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips: GooseBerry Alternative: Gooseberries(23 hrs)
That was fantastic! What do you think we should we do next?
EVENING ON ICE: Ooh! Ooh! I have another awesome cold-weather activity in mind: ice skating!

Winter Is Coming 
Ice Skates  allKale  cuddlySweater  Silent Night Fairy Deer 
1. Get 12 Ice Skates 2. Harvest 200 Kale (23 Hrs) 3. Make 4 Cuddly Sweaters in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Silent Night Fairy Deer
Other Rewards: 275 XP 5500 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips:
Ahh! What a peaceful evening! The nights come early - just how I like 'em!
WARM COZIES: After all the fun we've had today, I'm exhausted! Let's head back to rest by the fireplace.

Winter Is Coming 
Kindling  allBroccoli  gloves  Instagrow Potion 
1. Get 13 Kindling 2. Harvest 220 Broccoli (46 Hr) 3. Make 4 Gloves in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Instagrow Potion
Other Rewards: 300 XP 6000 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips: Broccoli Alternative: Brocabits(14 hrs ), Broccoli(14 hrs )
You're the best, Farmer! Now let's get back and build a roaring fire!
CURL FRIEND: *yawn* Oh my gosh, am I ready to just curl up by a warm fire and fall asleep!

Winter Is Coming 
Firewood Logs  rtm  friendshipBracelet  Hearth 
1. Get 14 Firewood Logs 2. Master Rutabaga to 1 Star (Total 600 Harvests) 3. Make 2 Friendship Bracelets in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Hearth's Glow Pegacorn
Other Rewards: 325 XP 6500 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips: Don't forget to use a Rutabaga Bushel for faster mastery.
Zzz... snow much... fun! Zzzzzz...
Total Bushels Required:
Yarn Barn Requirements: 48 Merino Fleece, 12 Alpaca Fleece, 20 Cotton Fiber, 8 Angora Fleece, 4 Dye Kit, 
Craftshop Requirements: 9 Cranberry Bushels, 6 Cotton Bushels, 9 Spinach Bushels
Total Plots Required: 1.200

Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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  1. I hate the yarn barn what a bad quest

  2. This quest sucks, no tree rewards. Jeez zynga you want an awful lot of work for crap rewards!

  3. Thank you Dirt Farmer for all the hard work that you put into helping us farmers.
    This quest is the first one that I will pass. It's Christmas time and I don't have all that time to put into crafting all those items in the yarn barn. Plus they take so much time to make. Too bad that they are taking all the fun out of the game. Those requirements in the yarn barn are just too much for me. Tell Zynga to rethink their quests, because they are losing players. Before, I just couldn't wait for a quest to come out, but now..........

  4. Thanks Dirt Farmer for the heads up. These quests are getting lamer and lamer. Too much crafting. 2 crafted items are enough, but any more than that, too much work. No wonder so many people are quitting FarmVille. This game used to be a lot more fun.

  5. Thank you Dirt Farmer for all you do and this rant I'm about to go on has nothing to do with you guys....BUT....They should just start calling it Craftsville instead of Farmville. I hate crafting in the yarn barn. Heck even for that matter,the dairy barn,too. Everything takes too long to craft. It just took me 3 days to craft 2 wool socks...Come on now Farmville,ease up a little!!

  6. It seems to me that all I see is the outbursts of some frustrated NERDS with a slight sadistic streak to them. The more the people ASK to stop including Crafting in to the quests that take endless to finish, the more they DO put them in...are they trying to push the limits of the people playing? Do they REALLY think it will make more people buy FC to finish the quests?? CONTRARY, less people will want to do quests at all because they feel insulted, overwhelmed, the lot...If only the rewards would be worth it...


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