FVDF IDEA SQUAD: The Farm Veterinarian


The Farm Veterinarian
I have an idea that may add a little “zing” to animal breeding and also bring back some of that social interaction that seems to be missing from Farmville these days.
This is the story of Doctor DoVeryLittle and his amazing Animal Vitamin Elixir. His special revitalizing concoction can turn plain average animals into amazing awesome animals.

Here’s how I propose it works:
Let’s start with Horses…
FarmVille would release a PLAIN WHITE Horse into the Market
I would recommend a price of 15 FV$
I would also recommend that once you buy and place the plain horse you then have one to share to the newsfeed. This would allow the free players and paying players to both participate in this feature. Also: You will want more than one plain horse because now the fun part begins.
Once you have your Plain White Horse…
You place the Plain White Horse into Doctor DoVeryLittle’s Mobile Veterinary Office (I suggest a cool RV all rigged up)
Then you begin collecting VITAMINS…Red, Blue, Pink, Purple, Black, White and Yellow. (Vitamins would need to be craftable and askable. Just like the Sheep Love Potions)
There will be 2 sections of the Mobile Veterinary Office. The first being the color or PAINT SHOP which you use to change the animals color.
6 of any same color Vitamins will turn your Plain White Horse into the same solid color Horse. If possible 3 Vitamins of one and 3 of another color will create a dual color Horse and (also if possible) 2 of 3 different colored vitamins will create a tri-colored horse. 
Then we can either take out the new colored horse or go to the next section…The Special Effects Booth
In the Special Effects Booth you can add a array of “highlights” such as Sparkles, Flames, Lightning Bolts and Starbursts.
Use different combinations of vitamins to add these effects. Players will need to figure out which combos will give you what effect. Then players can discover and share the combo info with friends.
Then we move on to the Accessory Locker where you can add Bridle and Saddle, Tattoos, and so on
You can go to all three sections or only the ones you want.
Once you place your unique horse outside the Mobile Vet Office and onto your farm then it is “locked” into that pattern and either Vitamins or a Plain White Horse will be shared to your newsfeed…That would greatly enhance the “social factor” of the feature.
The key would be to keep the enhancements fresh. New Limited Edition color patterns, effect and accessories that can be added to the feature every month or two.
After several weeks of the Plain White Horse FarmVille can then release a Plain White Cow…Then a Plain White Sheep and so on and so on…Eventually there will be several Plain White Animals in the Market with updated fresh Limited Edition color patterns. effects and accessories.
This does seem very similar to the DREAM HORSE feature. Only this idea also invigorates the social aspect…Give Free Players a way to participate without spending FV$…The High Rollers can spend their FV$ on an item they can share to their friends…And, we can explore the feature itself to make unique animals.
What do you think?
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  1. can you add any of your normal horses into that building to breed?

  2. I like the idea, but I don't think that we should have to pay for the horses, they should be free. We could craft items for them like we do for the Elite Horses and when we fill the order we receive the horse.

  3. Would people who PAY for these horses actually want to share again and again with those who don't pay? It might work for awhile. It would
    be great if we could TRADE animals we created. Limit the amount of animals we trade to cut out the cost entirely.

  4. Yes sure that's ok but I still like the idea of a animal beauty pageant with ribbons....

    FVDF IDEA SQUAD: Finding the Squatch
    Rosemarie PaigeNovember 18, 2013 at 5:49 AM
    Since Prized Pigs can fly (majestic pigs) and Unicorns found in the clouds (keeping Pegasus company) and Sheep are on stage (silly sheep) why not have a "Animal Beauty Pageant"... My suggestion is to have a Goat Breeding pen with award ribbons on the goats for each level that is breed, instead of them being snaggy, shaggy, snazzy or silly versus fabulous, noble, magnificient or majestic, these could be multiple award ribbons like county, state, continent, or universe (just like beauty pageants). Isn't time the Goats have a naggggg..... LoL
    P.S. Hello Prash xoxo aka Rose

  5. How about being able to craft the White Animals in the Craftshop. I realize that takes away some of the social interaction but there are so many people using snag bars for many free players it is nearly impossible for them to get any items off the newsfeed. At least this would allow them to make the primary animal in order to participate.


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