Farmville New Super Crops NOW LIVE

Like #Zynga #Farmville General Manager, Heather Sinclair had previously promised, new Super Crops may soon be released into the game… Like we all know, Super Crops yield more coins, more XP, and 4 times the bushels as the regular version of the crop when planted and harvested…
Check out this post for some more of the images #TheDirtFarmer Team have found for you regarding this new push of crops…

Here is a list of the new Super Crops that have now been released  into the game: Remember that you must master the regular version of the crop to 3 stars and then get 6 friends to certify your crop in order to unlock each new super crop.

Super Ginger Super Green Tea Super Raspberry
Super Rice Super Wheat Super White Grape
Super Tomato Super Lilac
Super Tomato
Super Sunflower
Super Lilac
Super Daylily
Super Daylily

Well, that’s all the info we have for you about the new Super Crops, but make sure to keep checking this post for more info when it becomes available… Don’t forget to share this post with your friends, and comment your opinions on the Thread below…

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  1. You'll get many, many rice bushels (and green tea & ginger) in Jade Falls, many wheat bushels in Mistletoe Lane ( sugar, too.) Red tulips, rye & lavender do great in Mistletoe Lane, as well.


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