Farmville Unicorns Fixed!

Following a recent enhance, #Zynga has fixed a number of Unicorns to produce foals correctly. Check below to see the #Farmville Unicorns that now work correctly, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

The following Unicorns will now produce a foal in the Paddock:

4th Birthday Unicorn

50’s Mom Unicorn

Art Deco Unicorn

Baby’s Breath Unicorn

Candle Wick Unicorn

CapNGown Unicorn

Earth Hero Unicorn

Farm U-Corn

Fondant Unicorn

Frill Gem Unicorn

Gardener Unicorn

Glowing Flower Unicorn

Gold Ruby Unicorn

Handy Unicorn

Invisible Unicorn


Leisure Girl Unicorn

Lollipop Swirls Unicorn

Lorikeet Unicorn

Lovely Pearls Unicorn

Magician Unicorn

Mom’s Bouquet Unicorn

Mother Unicorn

Outback Unicorn

Pastry Chef Unicorn


Poseidon Unicorn

Puppet Unicorn

Racing Unicorn

Rainbow Body Unicorn

Rainbow Licorice Unicorn

Ribbons Unicorn

Rocket Unicorn


Samba Unicorn

Serve Unicorn

Sleeping Bag Unicorn

Solar System Unicorn

Sparkler Unicorn

Sparklers Unicorn

Spring Fashion Unicorn

Spring Groom Unicorn

Star Rider Unicorn

Stone Spirit Unicorn


Summer Harvest Unicorn

Super Costume Unicorn

Swashbuckler Unicorn

Tie Dye Unicorn

Tricorn 3000

Vintner Unicorn


Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for more Farmville news and updates and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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  1. I need your help, pl.
    I can not play farmville corectly. My farm will not loud 100% and I can not harvest , etc. My brouser is Mozilla.
    Thank you,


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