Farmville A Star is Born Quest Guide

Farmville A Star is Born Quest

Quest Story: Howdy Farmer, it's Sasha! It's great to see you again! I've been practising my guitar lately, and I think I'm ready to start playing other farms. I'd like for you to become my manager. How about it, Farmer?


Expected duration of this Farmville quest is from 28th November 2013, to 12th December, 2013

Note: These are all farm quests and repeatable… Requirements can change at any time without notice as and how Zynga updates them… Images will only show up when they are available in the game files… For updated list of crop alternatives that can be used for quest planting, click here
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Quests Info

FLEDGELING ARTIST: There are so many things I need to become a great country star. With your help, Farmer, I think we'll figure it out!

A Star is Born 
FM Radio  allSorghum  sparklewaterbottle  Groupie Gnome 
1. Get 7 FM Radios 2. Harvest 60 Sorghum (10 Hrs) 3. Craft 1 Sparkle Water Bottle in the Hollybright Park  Reward: 1 Groupie Gnome
Other Rewards: 125 XP 2500 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips: Sorghum Alternative: Red Sorghum(8 hrs ), Red Sorghum(8 hrs ), White Sorghum(8 hrs )
This Groupie Gnome likes my music! I think we're onto something, Farmer!
SECOND VERSE, SAME AS THE FIRST!: It looks like we need to work on playing some local cafes. Can you come along and help me setup?

A Star is Born 
Custom Records  allCountryGuitars  yogurt  Color Record Tree 
1. Get 8 Custom Records 2. Harvest 90 Country Guitars (12 hrs ) 3. Craft 2 Yogurt  in the Dairy Reward: 1 Color Record Tree
Other Rewards: 150 XP 3000 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips:
This Color Record Tree should be just the thing to get the word out about my records.
PUTTING THE BAND TOGETHER: Hey Farmer! Our music is really taking off! I think its time to get some band members!

A Star is Born 
Tamborine  allRye  allSparkleLightsBucket  Book Of XP 
1. Get 9 Tamborines 2. Harvest 120 Rye (19 hrs 54 mins) 3. Craft 2 Sparkle Light Buckets in the Craftshop Reward: 1 Book Of XP
Other Rewards: 175 XP 3500 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips:
It looks like we were able to find some bandmembers! Take this Book of XP as your reward, Farmer!
GIGS AND TOURS!: So now that we have a band, let's figure out where to play next!

A Star is Born 
Guitar Case  allCelery  allFuelCans  Roadie Goat 
1. Get 10 Guitar Cases 2. Harvest 150 Celery (23 hrs) 3. Craft 2 Large Cans of Fuel in the Craftshop Reward: 1 Roadie Goat
Other Rewards: 200 XP 4000 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips:
We picked up a Roadie Goat along the way. It looks like you have a new teammate, Farmer!
CUTTING THE DEMO: Phew. Thank goodness for that Fuel Farmer! It looks like we can go cut a demo!

A Star is Born 
Demo Tape  allCanningPeaches  woolSocks  Recording Studio 
1. Get 10 Demo Tapes 2. Harvest 180 Canning Peaches (23 hrs) 3. Craft 2 Wooly Socks in the Yarn Barn Reward: 1 Recording Studio
Other Rewards: 225 XP 4500 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips:
Oh wow, a Recording Studio of our very own! That should make life a little easier after this demo.
TALENT SCOUTING!: Oh wow. I'm starting to receive different responses from our demo tape. I couldn't have done it without you!

A Star is Born 
Record Contract  allAmberGrain  pepperminttugtoy  Unwither 
1. Get 11 Record Contracts 2. Harvest 180 Amber Grain (23 hrs) 3. Craft 3 Peppermint Tug Toys in the Hollybright Park Reward: 1 Unwither
Other Rewards: 250 XP 5000 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips:
The Amber Grain farmers wanted me to give you this Unwither! They really appreciate you helping out!
THE BIG TIME: This is it, Farmer! Our first real concert! Thank you so much.

A Star is Born 
Dressing Room Star  allRedChrysanthemum  swiss  Singing Chicken 
1. Get 12 Dressing Room Stars 2. Harvest 200 Red Chrysanthemum (23 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Swiss Cheese in the Dairy Reward: 1 Singing Chicken
Other Rewards: 275 XP 5500 Coins  Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips:
Our opening act is the Singing Chicken! It will be great!
GETTING IT TOGETHER: So it looks like the record company wants me to perform at a benefit coming up. Can you help me get ready?

A Star is Born 
Microphone Stand  allPineapple  luckyhorseshoes  Instagrow Potion 
1. Get 13 Microphone Stands 2. Harvest 220 Pineapple (46 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Lucky Horse Shoes in the Hollybright Park Reward: 1 Instagrow Potion
Other Rewards: 300 XP 6000 Coins  Share Rewards: Small Can of Fuel Small Can of Fuel 
Quest Tips: Pineapple Alternative: Super Pineapple(46 hrs), Hilo Pineapple(13 hrs 54 mins), Australian Pineapple(14 hrs ), Australian Pineapple(14 hrs ), Albino Pineapple(14 hrs ), Red Pineapple(8 hrs )
Hey Farmer! Here are some extra Instagrow Potions for your hard work!
A STAR IS BORN!: We're finally here, Farmer! I'm performing tonight in front of a whole stadium of people!

A Star is Born 
Concert Tickets  allDaffodil  allSparkleLightsChest  Country Star Unicorn 
1. Get 14 Concert Tickets 2. Harvest 240 Daffodils (46 Hrs) 3. Craft 3 Sparkle Lights Chest in the Craftshop Reward: 1 Country Star Unicorn
Other Rewards: 325 XP 6500 Coins  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Special Delivery 
Quest Tips: Daffodil Alternative: Lilac Daffy(16 hrs)
The Country Star Unicorn is a great mascot for our full tour! I couldn't have done it without you Farmer! Thanks!
Bushels Required:
Hollybright Park Requirements: 8 Sparkle Water Bucket, 6 Enrichment Toys, 12 Giving Basket, 
Dairy Requirements: 8 Milk, 5 Culture,
Craftshop Requirements: 6 Glass Icicle Bushels, 6 Holiday Stained Glass Bushels, 6 Auroral Rosemary Bushels, 4 Wheat Bushels, 4 Soybean Bushels, 4 Wool Bundles, 15 Frosted Poinsettia Bushels, 15 Glass Candycane Bushels, 15 Sugar N Sprites Bushels
Yarn Barn Requirements: 12 Merino Fleece

Plots Required: 1440

Note:  As quest is active for all farms, make sure you plan and plant the crops for the quests across the farms for better planning... More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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  1. Which fuel are we to craft? The quest says " 2 large fuel cans" but the bushels gives the list for the "fuel can." There was confusion about this on the mini-quest also. That's been fixed - in the comments! Anybody got an idea??? Thanks! BTW, Happy Thanksgiving. And, guitars are in the mkt - you need to pass a page or 2 of the new super-crops to find it.

  2. could the question about the Fuel cans be answered, please? I am sure we all would like to know...

  3. I crafted both of them. It takes either but it wants 2. Took one of each from me.


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