Farmville Holiday Lights Chapter 5 Quest Guide

Quest Story: TA-DAH! It's me, Zang! Santa himself sent me all the way to Hollybright to report back on the strong holiday spirit emanating from here. We're all huge Hollybright fans up in the North Pole. And I'm the lucky elf who got to come here!
Expected duration of the Farmville Holiday Lights Chapter 5 Quest is from 2nd December 2013 to 9th December 2013
Note: These quests are specific to the Farmville Holiday Lights Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...
These quests are repeatable… Also, make sure you read the FULL POST, so that you don't miss out any important tips...
Note: The Crop alternatives mentioned here are good at the time of making this post originally… To check on the updated list, you can check out our Crop Alternatives Page on our Items Info Site

Quest Info

4 MAJOR FOOD GROUPS: When I get this excited, I eat. A lot.

Holiday Lights Quest 
Candy  Shiny Sprouts  Shiny Sprouts Salad  Hollybright Cane Tree 
1. Get 7 Candy 2. Harvest 70 Shiny Sprouts (12 hrs) 3. Craft 2 Shiny Sprouts Salad (Sparkle Café) Reward: 1 Hollybright Cane Tree
Other Rewards: 150 XP  250 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips: Shiny Sprouts Salad is a level 2 Sparkle Café recipe
I must say, your eating habits puzzle me, farmer. No matter. Let's continue celebrating!
SING IT LOUD: A wise person once said, "The best way to spread cheer is to sing loud for all to hear". I'm a believer.

Holiday Lights Quest 
Carols  Kindle Onions  Santaberries  Caroler Pig  Fertilize All 
1. Get 8 Carols 2. Harvest 80 Kindle Onions (23 hrs) 3. Master Santaberries to 1 Star (600 Harvests) Reward: 1 Caroler Pig Reward: 1 Fertilize All
Other Rewards: 200 XP  260 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Special Delivery Box! Special Delivery Box! 
Quest Tips:
This little guy's favorite carol is "Away in a Manger". It reminds him of where he grew up.
SMILE!: We may all be from different cultures, but smiling is the same in any language. That's why smiles are my favorite!

Holiday Lights Quest 
Smiles  Auroral Corn  holidaysparklesicle  Tree of Joy 
1. Get 9 Smiles 2. Harvest 90 Auroral Corn (46 hrs) 3. Make 5 Holiday Sparklesicle (Animal Park) Reward: 1 Tree of Joy
Other Rewards: 250 XP  270 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Small Fuel Can Small Fuel Can 
Quest Tips: Holiday Sparklesicle can be made in the Feeding Enclosure of Animal Park…
Ok, ok. I have to keep it together now. I'm overwhelmed with joy... whatever you do, don't ask anyone to tell a story, ok?
TELL ME A STORY: Stories! I can't resist storytime! I have a REALLY good story! But, I'm not supposed to tell it until Christmas. Oh, dear. I don't think I can wait...

Holiday Lights Quest 
Stories  Sugar n  Roasting Chestnut Mix  Storytime Unicorn 
1. Get 9 Stories 2. Harvest 100 Sugar n' Sprites (15 hrs 54 mins) 3. Craft 2 Roasting Chestnut Mix (Sparkle Café) Reward: 1 Storytime Unicorn
Other Rewards: 300 XP  280 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Fertilize All Fertilize All 
Quest Tips: Roasting Chestnut Mix is a level 3 Sparkle Café recipe
IT'S TIME FOR ME TO SHARE MY STORY!! Oh, I hope the big guy doesn't get too mad...
COOKIE MAGIC: Yes, it's true. Santa Claus and I are pretty close. I mean, he's my boss AND he takes care of all us elves. He gets a lot of help from Mrs. Claus, too, of course. We all love her!

Holiday Lights Quest 
Santa  Seasonal Spirits  Storytime Unicorn  Zang Revealed  Special Delivery 
1. Get 10 Santa's Cookies 2. Harvest 110 Seasonal Spirits (15 hrs 54 mins) 3. Harvest Storytime Unicorn 2 Times Reward: 1 Zang Revealed Reward: 1 Special Delivery
Other Rewards: 350 XP  290 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Special Delivery Box Special Delivery Box 
Quest Tips: Harvest the Unicorn in Stable, Paddock or Unicorn Island…
Sshh. Don't tell the big guy I told you about those cookies!
INSIDE TRACK: What's that? Can I give your Christmas List straight to the big guy himself? The cookie tip wasn't enough?? Are you trying to end up on the Naughty List or something?

Holiday Lights Quest 
Christmas Lists  Silvery Squash  allHollybrightAviary  Naughty or Nice Pegacorn  Book Of XP 
1. Get 12 Christmas Lists 2. Harvest 120 Silvery Squash (19 hrs 54 mins) 3. Complete 1 Hollybright Aviary Reward: 1 Naughty or Nice Pegacorn Reward: 1 Book Of XP
Other Rewards: 400 XP  300 Light Points (LP) Share Rewards: Small Fuel Can Small Fuel Can 
Quest Tips: Use Special Deliveries for the Aviary.
Well, my secret is out. I'm on a secret mission from the big man. He's very curious and excited about the giving spirit here in Hollybright. I'm going to roll up my sleeves and really help out now!


Total Bushels needed:
Sparkle Café: 4 Shiny Sprouts Bushel, 6 Roman Candle Cauliflower Bushel, 4 Rye Bushel, 4 Roasting Chestnuts Bushel, 6 Candle Light Cranberries Bushel,
6 White Grape Bushel
Animal Park: 10 Holiday Feed, 10 Sparkle Water Bucket

Total Plots to Harvest: 570


Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Farmville Holiday Lights Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, ‘unless’ you see the quests icon active on the other farms too…

It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests… More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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  1. NEED to EXPAND for COINS. I have no room to put an Aviary. Everything is so big, there is no room to build any more pens than what I have. Which is only two. Also I only have 115 plots to plant on.


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