Farmville Future Feature Ideas Survey

Farmville and Zynga have launched a survey requesting feedback on a variety of possible new in-game features. Your Dirt Farmer team has some images for you letting you know what the questions are. Read on to view the survey in its entirety and give yourself time to contemplate your interest in the features.

One exciting question hints at a possible return of the stuffable stable. If this excites you, comment this post and let them know on the survey. They won’t do it unless they know many players want it .

Then, to take the survey yourself and give Zynga your feedback on each feature, click here. Please note that questions may appear in different order, they did for people on team. Please do share with friends to let them know.

The initial question lets you know the purpose of the survey. To determine popularity of potential upcoming features. After you choose one of the 5 options for each question, which range from not at all likely to very likely, you are given a chance to comment your views.

While the feature described in question two sounds cute and interesting, we have to wonder if animals moving about again would be a recipe for a flash crash.

Question 3 sounds like it could be intriguing to us – as long as it’s not a large amount of work, or a high number of trade-ins for a one or two item reward.  One would hope that this would be a revamp to the re-gifting system with a far higher numbers of shares, so we can give unwanted resources to those who need them instead of letting them go to waste.

Question 4 is the idea of a team version of the county fair. We hope this doesn’t make the mulch man pop up even more. It would be nice if this utilized the same team system as the club crops did. If they limit it to neighbors, many players will struggle to find enough interested friends.

Question 5 arises the idea of possible new options for the county fair. We hope they will eliminate the random/too easy to fill mulch from this feature so folks can plan ahead. We also wouldn’t mind the mulch man riding off into the sunset and taking his harvest – interrupting popup with him.

We’re hoping question 6 means the return of the stuffable stables.  Once a day is not enough for us. If you want to be able to have stable on all farms or be able to stuff buildings again, comment this post or add a comment to the survey. Zynga will only bring this back if enough voices let them know it’s wanted.

Question 7 sounds really cute, but we wonder if it would increase lag and cause flash crashes.

Question 8 – We think it would be great to visit neighbors again. First they’d have to incorporate something to stop items from moving on neighbor farms, or do something else to reduce lag.

What do you think? Something you’d be interested in? We’re curious if goods means just the normally sold fuel items or if this could also be a boon to the regift system, allowing us to share more building parts.

The top question would depend for us on how difficult it was. If we need 90 bushels and 24 hours to make one of these goods, I for one wouldn’t be interested, but if they’re much more attainable it sounds cool.

For the bottom question, we’d again wonder how hard it would be. Several hundred parts, we’d lose interest. If you upgraded animals, we’d wonder if their image would change and you could lose a favorite critter.

The top question sounds an awful lot like our existing turbos….

The bottom question sounds somewhat like a spin on Elite Horses or the Holly Bright Park. Players would probably be more interested if it actually did give Farm Cash….

Could this be yet another hint at the next new farm? It sounds an awful lot like a typical new farm storyline. They’ve already mentioned El Dorado and the Rainforest as likely themes in a prior survey.

The remainder of the survey is basic demographic, and gaming history information as follows.

At the end, you get a thank you. Freebies for taking surveys are still not back…

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  1. I don't want a lot of this. More animations will slow down your computer. If they would add a feature where you could turn off the animations, it would really help especially if you have an older computer. And I really wish the all timed quests would begin the countdown whenever you start it. A lot of new players leave a game because they are immediately confronted with several timed quests already in progress with little hope of finishing and receiving the prize. I also don't want to depend on working together with others because I can't always get people to send the 4 - 10 items I need for the quest going on now in a timely fashion.

    1. i agreed with you about no animation but i want an improvement like change the farmcash into coins on the dream unicorn babies
      and exchange coins for farmash that they promisted this summer

  2. I like the stables. But looking over the survey questions only confirms to me that Zynga has lost touch with what players liked about this game in the first place. There is no longer room for imagination, creativity, and just plain good old fun! We loved the horses, breeding sheep, decorating our farm and changing it around from time to time. That was the fun of playing Farmville!!! The quests are a race against time. Everything is a race against time. People work all day to hit deadlines only to come home and want to play a game that now is nothing more than another race against time. I play to relax, not to hit deadlines. I don't have a problem with the new farms. I can pick and choose which ones I want to play and when. But I know a lot of people who are feeling overwhelmed with all the building going on and collecting of parts to the point of insanity! This game has turned people into robots who follow directions. Some have refused to do that. Some continue to try to make it a fun thing, but it's getting old real fast. Zynga needs to realize what made this game so popular in the first place and go back to that!

    1. Anyone who wants to play that way still can. No one forces you to do anything in the game.Players put pressure on themselves -- Zynga just rolls out boatloads of stuff to try to appeal to a wide audience. They can't help it if a lot of players are so obsessed that they HAVE to try to do everything.

  3. I agree with Jann. My strategy has been to do fewer and fewer Quests… checking ahead to see if I really want the prizes enough to bother. I don't build everything… just too many things to build now. It annoyed me that Celestial Groves required a Dream Deer habitat for a Quest.

    I really, really wish they would slow down on the new themed farms. And when will they do a Middle Eastern- 1001 Nights theme farm?

    1. First you say you want to slow down the new farms, then ask for a specific theme. An Arabian Nights theme sounds very boring to me, but you want it. So how do they keep us both happy?


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