Farmville Bushel Report

It looks like #Zynga #Farmville will be rolling out yet another feature to our farms soon. This time it is called the Bushel Report.. Check out #TheDirtFarmer post for the unreleased images we have found and please don’t forget to share it with your Farmville friends if you find it helpful.

First a look at the tutorial images we have found for you

It looks like Zynga finally listened to our complaints about the randomness of the bushels and decided to fix it for good.. From what we can tell from the tutorials, it looks like, the amount of bushels we receive will not be a big mystery any more and we will easily be able to calculate the amount of bushels we will get as we plant just by opening the Bushel Report.. We will be able to see the amount of the crop we planted and how many bushels it will yield when we harvest. Looks like Zynga came out with the perfect solution for people who enjoy crafting but have a hard time doing it due to the lack of bushels. Good job Zynga!
That’s all we have for now. Please don’t forget to keep checking back on our post as we will be updating as and when new info becomes available.. Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer!

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  1. Thank you Dirt Farmer for the great post, and for bringing it to Zynga's attention ... appreciate it

  2. WTG Zynga! thanks for listening to us. Also Thanks & a big thumbs up to Then Dirt Farmer for letting us know. You do a gr8 job of keeping us informed & it's gr8ly appreciated.

  3. I just got this feature, and boy does it slow things down... Good concept, but obviously needs some work...

  4. this is the absolute worst update ever, cannot even plant crops because every time you click on your field with your vehicle, your farm freezes and the bushel yield is the worst ever, not even super crops yield a better amount, I had over 700 plots of a crop and only was going to get 24 bushels, I used to get a whole lot more, WORST THING EVER ZYNGA

  5. Absolutely sucks, I cannot craft anything as I don't get near the bushel yield that I use too,,,and I just purchased a double crop yield statue and it looks like it is null ... not a happy farmer...


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