FACEBOOK EXTORTION Why you can’t see your favorite pages anymore

Starting earlier this year... Many of you may have noticed that some of your favorite pages were not as visible as usual. That’s when Facebook began charging Page Owners to widen their audience. The only problem being that they “throttled” their existing audience. As a Page Owner work for years to build an audience of Facebook Users who want to see your content. There are funny pages, political pages, pop culture pages and in our case a FarmVille Page. We understand that Facebook is a business. We understand that it has to make money. But, let me show you how outrageous their format is.

Facebook claims our potential reach to be 8.8 Million Facebook Users.
For us to reach that potential we must pay $87,000 per post.
Yes…I said PER POST
We create about 25 posts per day on average so that’s $2Million+ a day
That’s $794Billion a year…YES! I said BILLION!
That’s what Facebook wants from just ONE of it’s Fan Pages.
Let’s step away from what Facebook calls our “potential reach”. It seems like another Facebook “exaggeration” anyway.
Let’s look at our reach just a few months ago…The reach we worked hard to create and keep by post wanted information. Accurate facts that are up to the minute in most cases and very welcomed by people who “like” our page.
This is what Facebook now wants us to pay to reach the same number of people we could reach for free just a few months ago.
$5,000 per post…$125,000 a day…$45Million a year.
Facebook does now actively THROTTLE pages that do not PAY!
Sounds like EXTORTION to me.
I really really do LOVE our fans but not $45Million a year worth of love.

Facebook seems hell bent on eliminating Gamers and Pages from their platform. Even though that seems to be the majority of their audience.

Pages create the “content” that draw people to Facebook. Not just Farmville sites like ours. There are lots of great JOKE/FUNNY Pages I “like”. There are political pages that inform. Your favorite celebrity probably has a Facebook page. This new THROTTLE and EXTORTION policy from Facebook has sent most packing for Twitter in record numbers.
Hey Facebook…Here’s an IDEA for you…At NO CHARGE because that’s the kinda guy I am.
Why not simply have a PRO-CLASS of Facebook Page. A simple $25 a year subscription that would un-throttle our pages and allow us to reach our audience.
You’d actually make money on this since there is no way in hell I’m ever going to pay you $45Million a year.
For everyone reading this that would like to help us.
Be sure to “like” our Facebook Page
Once you do…Be sure to click on the extras to ensure you actually see our content on your newsfeed.
You can even add us to your INTERESTS LIST or simply be sure to come by and visit our Facebook Page often.
When you see our posts…Please be sure to like, comment and share as often as you can…We would greatly appreciate any help against this Extortionist Campaign by Facebook.

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  1. I did as you suggested but do not have the options to "show in news feed" or "settings." If we interact with your page regularly, we will see your posts despite not being able to select that option.

    1. When I say interact, I mean to "like" a post on your page or comment often. We can all do that! :)

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