Farmville Organic Bushels ELIMINATED


Do you hate losing bushels because your market stall gets full of organic? Dread dumping them? Well we have some great news for you. As of the last Farmville enhance, your Dirt Farmer Team has learned that Organic Bushels have been almost entirely eliminated from the game! Please do read on to find out exactly what this means to your certifications, crops and crafting and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

  • Organic bushels have been almost entirely eliminated from the game. Cotton is the only remaining active crop that still has an organic bushel. Whether or not this is an error remains to be seen. We will see if Zynga removes it in the upcoming days.

  • All Organic Recipes remain in the Spa, Bakery and Craft Shop. You can still make them, and they will still take the same amount of time. They will just require normal bushels instead of organic ones.

  • You can still certify your crops as organic, so do not worry if you wished to complete this and have not yet.

  • If you have organic bushels in your market stall currently, you can still share them as normal to get rid of them, as they are no longer used in any recipes.

  • Any organic crops harvested going forward, will give the regular bushel for the crop upon harvest.
What do you think? Are you glad to be rid of the organic bushels and dual bushel harvests or will you miss them? Do let us know.

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  1. I used to sell them but recently started using them in bushel swapping, great way to get rid of them and instead of getting useless coins you get a bushel you need for crafting

  2. Fantastic news! Good riddance! Now....what about mulch???? I have completed the Country Fair feature ages ago and am sick of having the pop-up notification stating I have too much mulch every time I harvest a crop.....would gladly get rid of it....but there is absolutely nothing I can use it on! Perhaps they should allow players to replay the Country Fair feature again! (or get rid of the feature too!

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  4. Reply to amrm6474: Removing the organic bushels flooding our farmers market was wonderful. I like being able to do the long term organic items which were formerly impossible. as for Mulch: The last time they had the County Fair feature with levels of animals instead of the trees, they had the mulch and it took a LONG time for it to disappear. I think they have to find time to do the programming to turn it off till the next county fair comes along. They would have plenty of time if if the would cut back on the "new farm every 8 to 10 weeks" trip. Sixteen farms! Ye Gods! Please give us a break or more farms like Hanging Gardens that get completed and are just pretty additions.

    Now can someone tell me what the crops are with the red sign in them when you plant them. I just planted Pineapple. It had 8 hours instead of two days and the red sign also a logo in the market that looked like shaking hands with a circle around them??? What's up with this?

  5. There are now three varieties of blueberry and some other crops--original blueberry & Super Blueberry (4 hours to harvest), and a new blueberry requiring 14 hours to harvest. It has a handshaking certificate on it in Market. What is this?


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