Farmville Holiday Lights Farm Early Access

Zynga’s Farmville Holiday Lights is scheduled to release on 4th November, 2013.There will be a one week Early Access period with an exclusive quest and free gifts.

General (free) access is currently scheduled for 11th November, 2013. We have a preview for you of Early access pricing and the special gifts you will receive.
To Quote Zynga on the purpose of the new farm “One of the coolest parts of Holiday Lights is that as players donate through the expansion, a section of their board begins to light up. The “brightness” is based on total dollars raised by the community “

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For more information on Farmville Holiday Lights check out The Dirt Farmer Holiday Lights Complete Guide

Early Access will go live sometime on Monday, 4th November 2013, Zynga time and will be priced at  45 Farm Cash.
The exclusive gifts you will get for early access include the Holiday Lights Combine, the first level starter pack and the Holiday Lights Costume

Holiday Lights Costume
Starter Pack
Holiday Lights Combine
We will also once again have exclusive early access crops. Those will be

Boughs of Holly

Golden Ivy

Yule Logs

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  1. I love, love, love it!! The icing on the cake, for me, would be a HUGE sale on FV dollars!!

  2. I missed the HUGE sale on FV DOLLARS!!!!!

  3. is there a breakdown to where the money is actually going to and how much?? most charities feed the people who run it as opposed to the real hungry


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