Farmville Holiday Lights Farm Cash Sale Promotions

Farm Cash Sale

As we all know, the next farm on the list will be themed as Holiday Farm… And like every new farm, #Zynga #Farmville will be releasing cash sale promotions during early access week… Well, #TheDirtFarmer team have found you some unreleased images of the new to come Holiday Farm Sale promotions… And a SPOILER first look of the farm… 

From the survey choices they gave us here. It looks like they've gone with Holiday Lights or Under The Aurora or a  combination of the two.                                                  

Check out this post for more details and do share with your friends if you find it helpful…

10% Farm Cash Sale Screen:

40% Farm Cash Sale Screen:

Excited yet about the upcoming Holiday Lights Farm? Well, do let us know by sharing this post and by leaving your feedbacks on the thread below!

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  1. Oh Brother WHY WHY They cant fix what is broken not even EA does this with their games, its such a chore now with those stupid obstacles and now trees that if you put an object near it changes? They need to make SBDs available for everything and make coin expansion for the bigger older Farms.. Another Holiday Farm.... no not Happy just another dart in the Dart board for Zynga I hope their stock continues to Tank and they pull their heads out their greedy butts GGGGGGRRRRR Merry Effing Christmas Zynga

  2. I want to know why we can't use our millions of jade,coconuts and coins to expand the farms we have. What use is it to earn them? I don't even bother with worrying about finishing quests anymore. There's no room to put all that stuff. It's more work than fun.

  3. I dont understand why everyone gets mad about new farms. Its your choice if you do them or not. I love doing them, then as I can i finish them, get the shipping lic and then decorate it, move stuff over to it that is crowding my main farms and collect off the buildings you can make. I dont farm it anymore so it takes 5 mins to collect and done. :)

  4. I love the idea, as I love fv, however we can use a lot more storage and our gift box increased to keep up with all the new farms start expanding our gift boxes , etc, and get some coin expansions happening would be awesome !! cheers, and love the new theme of farm, very excited, woot woot :)


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