Farmville Holiday Lights Chapter 2 Quest Guide

Quest Story: My name's Lucy. I'm helping gather the Aurora Lights to share with others! Every holiday the Northern Lights are at their brightest. This year is the brightest it's ever been. Hollybright wants to share the cheer it brings with those who need it! Will you help us with our charity challenge?
Expected duration of the Farmville Holiday Lights Chapter 2 Quest is from 11th November 2013 to 18th November 2013
Note: These quests are specific to the Farmville Holiday Lights Farm and hence, before placing any quest animals on other farms, make sure that the quest icon shows up on the other farm too, else their harvests might not count… Also, any info about unreleased quests can't be guaranteed to be the final requirements when the quests go live, as Zynga can change them at any time later...
These quests are repeatable… Also, make sure you read the FULL POST, so that you don't miss out any important tips...
Note: The Crop alternatives mentioned here are good at the time of making this post originally… To check on the updated list, you can check out our Crop Alternatives Page on our Items Info Site

Quest Info

CHARITABLE EXAMPLE: Oh, how I do appreciate your help! I'm a teacher here, so I must set the example for my students.

A Very Merry Hello 
Holly Flyers  Borealis Blueberries  Cinnaburst Buns  Aurora King Penguin 
1. Get 7 Holly Flyers 2. Harvest 70 Borealis Blueberries (12 Hrs) 3. Craft Cinnaburst Buns 2 Times in the Sparkle Cafe Reward: 1 Aurora King Penguin
Other Rewards: 3000 Coins  70 LP,  Share Rewards: Fertilize All! Fertilize All! 
Quest Tips:
Thanks so, so much! I just know everyone who receives will appreciate the help!
MERRY RING: Let's keep working on ways to bring others here. The more folks, the more helpers!

A Very Merry Hello 
Silver Bells  Roman Candle Cauliflower  Aurora King Penguin  Merry Maker Gnome 
1. Get 8 Silver Bells 2. Harvest 80 Roman Candle Cauliflower (14 Hrs) 3. Harvest Aurora King Penguin 2 Times Reward: 1 Merry Maker Gnome
Other Rewards: 3500 Coins  70 LP,  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Boxes! Special Delivery Boxes! 
Quest Tips: Harvest the Aurora King Penguin in the Zoo
Such a merry sound. I'm sure others will follow it right here!
WELCOME SIGNS: We not only want to spread cheer, but welcome those who bring it!

A Very Merry Hello 
Bright Banners  Hollybright Poinsettia  sparklewatertub  Glistening Lights Pine 
1. Get 9 Bright Banners 2. Harvest 90 Hollybright Poinsettia (15 Hrs 54 Mins) 3. Complete 2 Sparkle Water Tubs in Hollybright Park Reward: 1 Glistening Lights Pine
Other Rewards: 4000 Coins  90 LP,  Share Rewards: Fuel! Fuel! 
Quest Tips:
I feel like I'm positively glowing with cheer!
BOTTLE JOY: It's important to help others. It's why I'm a teacher here.

A Very Merry Hello 
Bottled Aurora  Auroral Rosemary  Aurora King Penguin  Wreath Wrapped Deer 
1. Get 9 Bottled Aurora 2. Harvest 100 Auroral Rosemary (23 Hrs) 3. Master Aurora King Penguin to 1 Star (5 Harvests) Reward: 1 Wreath Wrapped Deer
Other Rewards: 4500 Coins  100 LP,  Share Rewards: Fertilize All! Fertilize All! 
Quest Tips: Harvest the Aurora King Penguin in the Zoo
This is turning out to be wonderful! This holiday season will be so magical!
HIGH NOTES: There are many ways to share cheer you know.

A Very Merry Hello 
Song Score  Roasting Chestnuts  Blazing Pepper Pie  Holly Bear Cub 
1. Get 10 Song Score 2. Harvest 110 Roasting Chestnuts (23 Hrs) 3. Craft Blazing Pepper Pie 2 Times in the Sparkle Cafe Reward: 1 Holly Bear Cub
Other Rewards: 5000 Coins  100 LP,  Share Rewards: Special Delivery Boxes! Special Delivery Boxes! 
Quest Tips:
Look, already our town is growing with the effort to help!
GOOD TIDINGS: Every charitable actions counts here, big or small. We all grow from it.

A Very Merry Hello 
Good Tidings Wreath  Kindle Onions  Hollybright Tree  Bright Lights Pegacorn  Mystery Game Dart 
1. Get 12 Good Tidings Wreath 2. Harvest 120 Kindle Onions (23 Hrs) 3. Get Hollybright Tree to Level 2 Reward: 1 Bright Lights Pegacorn Reward: 1 Mystery Game Dart
Other Rewards: 5500 Coins  120 LP,  Share Rewards: Fuel! Fuel! 
Quest Tips:
Thank you! Because of you, Hollybright will surely succeed in its charitable mission!


Total Bushels needed:

Sparkle Cafe Requirements6 Cinnabursts Bushels, 4 Seasonal Spirits Bushels, 6 Carrot Bushels, 6 Blazing Peppers Bushels, 6 Radiant Radish Bushels, 6 Sugar Cane Bushels

Total Plots to Harvest: 570


Useful Tips and Info:
As mentioned before, these quests will be specific to the Farmville Holiday Lights Farm only… So, remember not to place any quest animals/trees on any other farms, ‘unless’ you see the quests icon active on the other farms too…

It would be a good thing to have a look at all the quests before starting them, so that you are fully aware as to what you will be needing to do or build for any of the future quests… More tips and details will be added as and when they are found out... Stay Tuned...

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  1. HELP!!! My Holiday Lights quest is not showing up!!! Is this happening to everyone? It showed up when I started the second chapter and is now gone. How do I ask for things when I have nothing to click on?

  2. You're lucky. I've not even had it come up on my farm (barring the early-access you need to pay for). I waited all day yesterday, nothing. I hopped on line first thing this morning, still nothing. It's not like I was really really excited about it, but I did want to get the quest started. How can I start a farm specific quest (HATE the animals and crops LOCKED to one farm by the way, do not like it one bit), when I can't even access the farm??

  3. It was stated the the quest would START Nov. 11. It is now the 12th and my crops have withered. At least be accurate about when chapter 2 will begin. (it would also, but nice if you threw in an unwither)

  4. I have not received Chapter 2 in Holiday Lights yet and yes it is Nov. 12 today and it was supposed to start yesterday. It seems from comments above that others have not received it either. Has it been released yet and if not, when will it be released for us that paid for the early access and did Chapter 1, which expired yesterday at noon?


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