Farmville Upcoming Farm Survey HINT Whimsy Myth or History?


With Farmville Sweet Acres wrapping up in the next two weeks, the Fairy Tale Forest themed Farm set to release in September (for a preview click here), and the Holiday Season Farm foreshadowed (see this post) Zynga is still very busy dreaming up ideas for new farms. There is currently a survey over the game asking for feedback on 7  ideas for a late winter/early 2014 farm. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

The survey is very simple – only one screen. There are 7 possible farm themes listed and Zynga is asking you to rate them from 1-7 with 1 being the one you like the best and 7 being the one you like the least. Note – if you opt to take the survey yourself, read carefully. The choices are in different order for different players.


This time around, Zynga is again failing to offer a freebie for time spent completing the survey. Clicking on the continue button simply gets a thank you, and a notice that your feedback has been recorded.


Now to consider the possible themes. Many of the farm themes are themes that Zynga has flirted with in the past as market themes.

The first, a “Heart Land” theme promises pink and red flowers on heart shaped hills with a Valentine’s day theme. This one seems as if it would be quite similar to our annual pink – explosion Valentine’s Day market themes.

The second option, a “Cloud Farm” offers a farm above the clouds, floating in the sky. This has also been a popular past theme with Zynga, returning to the market many times with many items available for those who like it. It’s also very similar to the floating theme of Hanging Gardens. Seems a little too redone to us.



The third possible theme is a “Lost World” promising a forgotten corner of the world where pre-history continues into the present day. While Zynga has flirted with the pre-historic with the Dino Labs, various prehistoric animals and a few tar and lava based decorations, they haven’t really given Pre-history aficionados a full theme or canvas on which to decorate. This is one of the more innovative choices.


4th on the list with the order Zynga gave us is “Alpine Meadows” which looks as if it would revisit the popular Swiss Theme of 2010. Apparently this theme is one Zynga is rather fond of. Swiss Alps was also offered as a choice of them for the Holiday Season Farm, that will come in between the upcoming Fairy Tale Forest theme and the one we are giving feedback on.

The fifth option on our list is a “Wonderland Farm” promising an Alice in Wonderland Farm. While Zynga has released a few Alice in Wonderland themed items, including a set of unicorns for the Unicorn Island and the Invisible Cat, items for this theme have been few and far between. It’s another of the fresher options and less a clone of what we already have. Just imagine the varieties of Cheshire Cat and a Mad Hatter quest character.


Number six and my personal favorite is “Farming in Oz” offering a Wizard of Oz themed farm with yellow brick roads and emerald cities. Zynga has also flirted with Wizard of Oz themed items, including a Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion and Wicked Witch themed unicorns as well as the Dorothy Dog, Helper Monkeys and a few other things. Again this is an option that Zynga has yet to give aficionados of a wide range of decorating choices or a wide canvas. Another fresher choice.


Rounding out the list is a “Rainforest Farm” offering an adventure in a tropical rainforest which leads to the discovery of El Dorado. Again we have had many rainforest animals, but little deco and a chase to the mythical city of gold El Dorado would be a fresher option.

Which do you like best? Do any of these themes intrigue you? Do let us know.

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  1. How many Holiday Season farms can they do, sorry but Mistletoe Lane was totally a waste of time since there are now no expansions and we already had Winter Wonderland so it wasn't necessary ( in fact I am planning to transfer stuff when I gain the licence to the WW farm from ML since there would be more room there) if they chose another"Holiday" in the year maybe besides Christmas/Winter theme ( all that white is so bright) then they won't be too repetative and they don't have to be US holiday's either. I am still up for an Ancient Eygptian farm since the theme comes up many times and at the moment its Silk Road which is kind of like Indian related. I am done with this fantasy stuff its getting old.


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