Farmville Mystical Groves Farm Showdown Guide

#Zynga #Farmville will soon be releasing another contest into the game under the name of “Farm Showdown”… All of the images thus far show “Farm Derby” but the code shows the in game name as “Farm Showdown”. Which they will change upon release remains to be seen.
This feature will be similar to  the weekly leaderboards, with the twist that it is specific to the Mystical Groves farm. Players will have to compete in order to win first place and get a reward. Like the leaderboards there will be two different goals to chase. There will be rewards offered to all at 3 different point levels and there will be additional rewards for those who place first, second and third. This feature is currently scheduled to release on 26th September, 2013 and like the leaderboards will offer a weekly contest. Currently there are four weekly contests scheduled. Whether it will continue beyond that or will be an ongoing staple of new farms remains to be seen… Do check this post for more info and do share with your friends in case you find it helpful.

For a chart of current Farm Showdown challenges and rewards click here.

Here is an animation of the contest window:
And check below for a preview of the tutorial on how this feature will work:
As we can see in the previous tutorial, you will have to harvest crops and do recipes in order to collect points, and accumulate a score to redeem the weekly prizes. Each plot harvest will award you one point, and each complete recipe will award you 5 points.

Note: This feature will be specific to Mystical Groves, as all crops involved are locked to that farm, and unlike most farm specific crafting cottages, the Alchemist’s shop is also locked to Mystical Groves, so you will not be able to place one elsewhere...

So what do you think about this new Challenge system from Zynga? Will you be playing it along with the leaderboards? Keep checking this post for more info as and when we get them, and dont forget to leave your comments on the same, in the discussion thread below!

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  1. yep i'm in for sure.. i look forward to the leaderboards every week.. this looks like a great competition too ty :)

  2. Nope, nada, no way ..enough is enough .. FV is beyond a full time job. I'm sick to death of working for Questville and Craft a zillion two minute recipeVille. I'm willing to plant 6000 crops, willing to harvest trees or animals, even willing to craft in the craft shop for the leaderboard but I'm done with impossible quests and the nonsense of recipes in the dairy barn, yarn barn, ugh! and what do we do them for? I have enough cream trees to fill a farm. Speaking of farms ... enough with the farms already. I remember when we longed for the days that we'd get more room, but this is a bit much ... well its not a bit much ... its way too much. All this nonsense is why I quit other Zynga games. FV is well on its way.


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