Farmville Irrigation Well and Crop Sprinkler Guide

Farmville Irrigation Well
Good news farmers… Looks like Zynga Farmville is again turning its attention to makings things easier for the most essential activity in Farmville, which is growing Crops… The Dirt Farmer team presents to you an exclusive preview on this new interesting feature called Crop Irrigation
Below are the images and info on the Irrigation Well, and the Sprinkler vehicle, which can be used to cut your crop grow time into half… Yes, 50% off on your crop planting time with each click… This feature is restricted to only the Home Farm… Anyways, check out the info below to get more info on this Home farm exclusive feature and remember to share the post with your Farmville friends if you find it informative…


The Loading Screen

Farmville Irrigation Well and Sprinkler Loading Screen


The Initial Popup to place the Irrigation Well on farm


The Irrigation Well

The Irrigation Well is what you will need to build, and expand upon to get more water to sprinkle on your crops… It will possibly have 5 stages of expansions, with parts coming from  craftshop, or buying them for FC… Once built, you can harvest the Irrigation Well once a day to get Water, which can be later used with the Sprinkler to Water the crops… Remember, the more you expand the Irrigation Well, the more water you get per harvest…  Also there are 8 hour harvest and 16 hour harvest versions coded. Do let us know which you get.

Here are the Tutorial images for the Irrigation Well

Irrigation Well Tutorial 1Irrigation Well Tutorial 2
Irrigation Well Tutorial 3Irrigation Well Tutorial 4


The Stages of the Irrigation Well

Irrigation Well Base Stage
Base Stage
Irrigation Well Stage 1
Stage 1
Irrigation Well Stage 2
Stage 2
Irrigation Well Stage 3
Stage 3
Irrigation Well Stage 4
Stage 4
Irrigation Well Stage 5
Stage 5


You will have a bar at the top of your farm, indicating how much water you have at any given time


The Materials you will be using to build the Irrigation Well

Farmville Red Bricks
Red Bricks
Farmville Water Pail
Water Pail
Farmville Rope
1 Placement
2 7 7 7
3 27 27 27
4 40 40 40
5 54 54 54
6 73 73 73
Total (603) 201 201 201
Note that these parts are CRAFTABLE and must be made in the craftshop. They will only be available to craft in your craftshop once the feature has been released to you.

Red Bricks require 5 Gooseberries, 5 Cereses Carrot and 5 Purple Tulip to craft and yield one part per recipe.  They take 16 hours per recipe to craft. 

Water Pails require 5 Yellow Freesia, 5 Buckwheat and 5 Purple Potato to craft. Each recipe takes 16 hours to complete and yields 1 part.

Ropes require 5 Corn Flower 5 Licorice Plant and 5 Yellow Daffodil to craft.  Each recipe takes 16 hours to complete and yields 1 part.

We are not sure if this is intentional or a glitch, but at this time, you can click on the same plots multiple times and reduce grow time each time, if you have enough water.

Crop Sprinkler

Now that we built and expanded the Irrigation Well, and harvested Water from it, we need to use some equipment to sprinkle the crops with Water so that we can grow them in half time… This is where we are introduced to another feature in the game, a brand new Equipment, the Crop Sprinkler… The Water that you collect will be shown in your Water Meter, just like the Turbo meter on your farm… You can use the Sprinkler to spray water on the growing crops to halve their grow time…

Farmville Water

Effect on crops


 You can access your Water Sprinkler from the same menu as other vehicles.

Check out the Tutorial Images for the Crop Sprinkler

Crop Sprinkler Tutorial 1Crop Sprinkler Tutorial 2

Crop Sprinkler Tutorial 3Crop Sprinkler Tutorial 4

As with any other equipment in Farmville, there are different options: The 0 coin Sprinkler waters  4 plots a a time, the 100 FC Sprinkler 6 plots at a time and the 150 FC Sprinkler 8 plots at a time.

Farmville Blue Crop SprinklerFarmville Red Crop SprinklerFarmville Purple Crop Sprinkler

Watering the Farm

Now that we have the Well, Water, and the Sprinkler, all that remains is to use them to water the crops, so that we can cut their grow time by 50%… All the collected water will directly go into your Water Meter, from where it will be auto-deducted whenever you use it on your crops… Remember that as of now, the entire Crop Irrigation feature is exclusive to the Home Farm only…

This completes our quick preview on the Irrigation Well, and the Sprinkler, both being part of the Farmville Crop Irrigation feature… If you like this post, do remember to share it with your Farmville friends… Happy Farming…

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  1. Oh its restricted to the home farm i have to build something instead of them just cutting time in half on the home farm??????????? BIG PICTURE ZYNGA less new stuff more on the fixing the broken stuff like the time traveler or say 3 crops bushels out of 700 planted fertilized and a bushel used on crops how about you fix that oh and yeah that is a mastered crop of english roses.......

  2. Personally, I don't mind waiting for my crops to grow. Most of them actually grow too fast for me, so I pause most of my farms in the evening before I log off, then un-pause them the next day after work. Otherwise, I would have a lot of withered crops. I'd love to see more 2 and 3 day crops instead.

  3. No doubt that the water sprinkler vehicle will cost Farmcash so I won't be able to have it, the well looks good though.

  4. Sounds cool! I'm gonna go clear out some trees, and make some space for more crops. It sure would be nice if Zynga offered us Home Farm expansions for coins. We work so hard! Don't we merit this?

  5. Well, that's awful.., I bet the sprinkler cost Farm Cash, WHICH I NEVER HAVE.., and my ONLY unwither ring is on the home farm, can't move it, and that's where I always put my SHORT crops!! lol .., so that would mess me up!!! Oh well... unless they make it for more than one farm, I'm not messing with it either;... and/or especially if the vehicle is farm cash.

  6. I'd take a fuel truck over a water sprinkler any day. I rate this "huh".

  7. i dont have it yet is it a slow rollout what can i do to get?

  8. It came up on my home farm and I didn't want it there, thought it would go into my gift box and the sprinkler system is not available to buy since I moved to another farm? Is this only available on the home farm? My well is locked when I tried to put it on my English Farm?

  9. I swapped crops for Cornflower bushels and they are in my market inventory... but do not show up when trying to craft Ropes. I am not going to plant them if I am not sure this is working correctly.

  10. Thera are two types of cornflowers now.. make sure you are growing/swapping for the correct ones. the old ones were the english farm ones.. the new ones are any farm

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    fire sprinkler inspections, 24 hour emergency repair and more.

  12. I LOVE the water sprinkler but believe they should be available on ANY farm. What is the purpose of allowing us to only have 1 ???????


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