Farmville Foals FIXED Now Shareable

Sapphire Hippocamp Foal
As part of an ongoing collaboration between Dirt Farmer Jason and his contacts at Zynga, we are happy to report that several foals which could previously not be shared are now FIXED. Last week Dirt Farmer Jason sent his contacts a list of Stable Unfriendlies, and horses that did not breed via any pen. With today’s enhance many are now FIXED and still more to come. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find the post helpful.

Special thanks to Dirt Farmer Jason for his tenacity in finding and reporting bugs and to Zynga for listening and fixing them.


The following horses/foals will now produce foals in the STABLE, PADDOCK, or PLAYPEN. The Atlantis animals have not been breedable since they were recoded in the early days of Atlantis.

(Note that the Mericorn is still in the market and is not locked to Atlantis, so can thus be placed on a farm with stable. The others are not locked as well, so if you still have one in your gift box, you can do the same.)

Mystical Hippocamp
Merabian Stallion Mystical Hippocamp Peganarwhal
Merabian Stallion
Mystical Hippocamp
Peganarwhal Foal
Sapphire Hippocamp  
Sapphire Hippocamp Mericorn Merpegacorn
Sapphire Hippocamp Foal
Sapphire Hippocamp Foal Mericorn Foal Merpegacorn Foal
Small Irish Cob Horse Small Irish Cob Foal
Small Irish Cob Horse Small Irish Cob Foal

The following horses will now produce foals in the STABLE or PADDOCK(Foals previously shareable via the playpen)

Party Tarpan Horse
Party Tarpan Shamrock Wings Pegacorn White Were Pegacorn

The following horse and Zebras will now produce foals in the PADDOCK. (Foals previously shareable via the playpen)

Queen Elizabeth Pegacorn Earth Print Zebra Rainbow Striped Zebra
Queen Elizabeth Earth Print Zebra Rainbow Striped Zebra
Watermelon Zebra
Sapphire Zebra Watermelon Zebra

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  1. where do the Atlantis foals go into ?? nothing that i can find so they are worthless they do take up space in my gift box though

  2. I have an "American Indian Horse" that will NOT reproduce. Someone on MAwMAwDirt asked for one - it was ne she did ot have. I have been trying since before Thnksgiving of LAST year (2015) to get a foal from this horse. If placed in the Stable with only a Cremello Stalion, I get Cremello foals and Brown foals. In the paddock, I get only animal feed. I have placed her in a paddock by herself, with a Cremello for company, in a paddock with othe horses, still NOTHING. Please ask Team India to look at her coding and fix?


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