FARMVILLE: Dumb Criminals (episode 4)

Farmville Player Steals from a Blind Man then Stabs another all for Farmville Cash.
(Warning: This isn’t your typical funny FV Dumb Criminal Post)
Manchester UK: August 2011
How desperate have you ever been to buy Farmville Market items? Well, 23 year old Adam Hamnett (pictured below) decided he’d steal a credit card from a blind man and run up a £70 tab. (approx $105 US)

After spending the credit card dry the victim of the theft, Brian McKenzie, told him he had until the end of the day to pay the money back, or he would go to the police. Desperate for more Farmville Cash Hamnett then went to the home of his mother’s ex-boyfriend, Peter Boustead. He stabbed him 26 times and hit over the head with a bottle at the home Mr Boustead shared with his dog Sheeba on Colborne Avenue, Hattersley. He then stole Mr Boustead’s benefit money from him as he lay dying. Instead of using the cash to pay Mr McKenzie back, he spent it on crack cocaine.
Addicted to CRACK and FARMVILLE…!
Hamnett was arrested later that afternoon outside a shop after calling 999 and telling the operator he had done something ‘very bad’.
Hamnet has been jailed for life and must serve at least 20 years after admitting the murder of Boustead.

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  2. I will not know how many people are in trouble,big troubles because of Farmville.


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