Farmville Autumn Neighbor Gifting Event

Farmville will soon be releasing another event to send a special gift to your neighbors. Check below to see some details regarding the Autumn Neighbor Gifting Event, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful . . .

As with previous gifting events, you will be able to send a special gift to neighbors of your choice. As before, the choices the game gives you will likely be somewhat random, and you may have to reload to find who you’re looking for. The gift you’ll be sending your neighbors is the Red Licorice Unicorn: Each unicorn that you opt to send will cost 5 Farm Cash and you will be rewarded for each time you click send.
For every time you send neighbors a unicorn, in return, Zynga will gift you a Sparkleberry Horse:
The gifting went  live on September 13th,
So what do you think? Are you going to be sending your favorite neighbors a special gift for this event? Stay tuned to the Dirt Farmer for more information, and remember to share the post with friends if you find it helpful.

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