The Miracle at Zynga: How Mary Jo Got Her Famville Back

Farmville: Our story began 2 weeks ago when Mary Jo discovered she had no access to her Facebook account. Can you imagine the horror? All your personal info and pictures gone. Worst of all for Mary Jo her Farmville game was gone as well. Hacked by one of those sneaky scams that lead you to another link and ask you for your Facebook password. They look very official, just like a real Facebook screen. The only difference is that it gives your account to a hacker. Not the nice hackers in Farmville that are able to make all that free stuff but evil computer hackers hell bent on gaining access to any credit card info on your Facebook account.
For those of you who may not be familiar with Mary Jo Settino let me tell you that she is an avid Farmville player. Mary Jo is also disabled. She plays Farmville from her wheelchair every day. She has played Farmville for years and is very proud of her farms. Investing precious time building her farms and friends list to perfection. Then she gets tricked into helping a Facebook friend and her Farmville is gone in an instant.

It’s a familiar scene in Facebook. Unfortunately one that’s repeated daily for thousands of Facebook users. The hackers gain access to your accounts by using innocent ploys like “voting for a picture contest” or seeing a known friend ask you to “click a link”. Once they have your password they immediately change the password and your source email. Making it very difficult to retrieve your account though Facebook. In Mary Jo’s case she’s never used a credit card on her Facebook account so the hacker simply disabled and discarded it like trash. Making it especially impossible to retrieve her old Facebook account. It was simply destroyed beyond retrieval. For no reason at all.
So how did we get her farm back? It took a Dirt Farmer, a dedicated Zynga Executive Relations Agent and some nifty detective work. After being contacted by Mary Jo I soon discovered what had become of her account. I then sent requests to Devin Satos (Farmville’s Executive Producer) and Dani Dudek (Head of Zynga Comms). Devin and Dani both passed me to other departments better suited to help Mary Jo. Fortunately Bryan Pope was put in charge of helping me. In a very few short emails I was able to convey the seriousness of the incident and what we were dealing with. I was thrilled that Bryan and I were on the same page and soon started thinking of a way to retrieve Mary Jo’s Farmville. Bryan’s interaction with Facebook had us both convinced that her Facebook account was lost. Most of us would have ended the fight right then and there. Bryan didn’t give up. I had a link in a Private Message with Mary Jo’s old account. I had no way to access her FBID because it was disabled but Bryan’s contacts at Facebook could. Once he had her old Facebook ID he could locate her Game Boards on the Zynga Server and transplant then onto her new Facebook account. Personally I was amazed. Within 3 days Mary Jo had her Farmville back.
Bryan Pope at Zynga saved Mary Jo’s Farmville and on top of that sent her a very generous CARE PACKAGE…How cool is that?
Here are some very helpful tips to prevent your Facebook account from being hacked and to retrieve in in the case you are.
1. NEVER GIVE YOUR PASSWORD: Even if it looks like Facebook
Simply exit out of the screen or even close your browser all together.
2. Just in case you are hacked…Write down your Facebook ID
If you don’t know your FBID you can find it here by copying the address bar from your Timeline’s Homepage and paste HERE
3. If there is an attempt on your account you should get an email alerting you to a password change. If so DENY the change as soon as possible
4. Try to wipe your credit card info from your Facebook account after use…Or simply buy Game Cards.
Even though Mary Jo has her Farmville back she is still in need of new Farmville friends and Neighbors.
Click HERE and send Mary Jo a Friend Request if you can…Thanks!!!

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  1. This is an amazing story of how a few people can make a HUGE difference. It also helps to remind that FV friends rock :)

  2. I had that happen to me in July. I finally got it back but it took a month. In the meantime I started a new account. Everything was fine until my browser crashed. And it also caused my other browser to crash. Needless to say, I had to do a recovery. Not once, but several times just to get IE to work. I went to Zynga to beg for my Farmville back. Never got a response from them. Really upset me. Now because of the crashes, I wrote to Facebook to recover my old (original) account back. They set me up with a new password and used an old email that was associated with my account! Guess what? You are right if you guessed that they set me up with a.....A NEW ACCOUNT!!!! I have had to start Farmville all over again, and request all my old neighbors for friend requests! I am just so mad about all this!!

    1. I did not join facebook in 2012!! I have been playing since 2009!!! OMG!!! Can we please get this right???? HELP ME SOMEONE PLEASE!!!!!!


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