SAFE! Commitment from Zynga on Farm Locking Items

Recently there were a number of issues with items for the image changing buildings, such as the Sunny Float Field, the Eversweet Tree, and the Carnival Funhouse. It cause several problems, including locking some people’s farms so they couldn’t even play. Well, earlier this week, your trusted team at the Dirt Farmer contacted an executive at Zynga in an effort to resolve these issues, and we’re happy to report that it worked, and that they are making an effort to ensure this problem does not continue. Read on for the full story, and remember to share the post with friends . . .

When the Sunny Float Field was coded, a tree that was only supposed to be an image was accidentally coded as well, the Floating Slime Tree.
Once Zynga realized the mistake, they removed the tree from the game. Unfortunately, some players already had the tree, and their farms were then locked up. Some were able to get the trees removed, but some already mastered the tree, and since it was no longer in the game, their farms were unable to load. Several weeks later, Zynga mistakenly coded the Floating Space Alien Bear.
Zynga also realized this mistake, and removed the animal from the game, unfortunately after some already had it, once again. Thankfully this time around, they realized the issues caused by removing it, and re-inserted the bear into the game to unlock peoples farms.

However, while coding the new Sweet Acres farm, once again, items were mistakenly coded that were only supposed to be images from the Eversweet Tree, the Giant Cheery Meringue Tree and the Giant Jelly Bean Evergreen Tree. The Dirt Farmer team warned players against collecting these items, in an effort to prevent the issues from re-occurring with the locked farms, should the items be removed (click picture to be taken to the warning post).
Then again, earlier this week, two items for the new Carnival Funhouse were also somewhat mixed up in the coding, the Rickety Calf and Weighlifter Calf. Once again, the Dirt Farmer team was on the case to attempt to keep players safe (click pic to see original warning).

At this point, I decided to contact an executive at Zynga, to make sure they were informed of the problem with these items, and see if they could possibly resolve it, and checking to see if they had a plan of action. A very helpful Zynga executive replied, assuring me they would begin looking into and resolving the issue, and had this to say about a plan of action:
Fixing currently broken users: 
· J is going to find all AOE Target items in the game, and see if we can determine those that ever had their dummy partner items accidentally released into the game. Once we identify those items, we will recreate them as non-buyable, non-giftable items and release them into the game, fixing anyone that has them. 
· This is the safest solution, as any attempt to remove dummy items from users potentially messes with Mastery progression in the case of trees and adding benign items to the game has no ill effects on anything else. 
ETA for fix is still uncertain while we try to identify all the items. With any luck, we should have the fix in next week

What does this mean? Well, as we take it, it means that the items we warned you about will now be SAFE to collect. We are also happy to report that the Floating Slime Tree was replaced into the game as a result of this effort, unlocking all farms for those that had mastered it. A satisfactory conclusion, proving that while Zynga has it’s issues, they can still be contacted to work with farmers on game issues. We hope to see further signs of this cooperation and helpfulness from Zynga in the future, and will continue to do what we can to be a player advocate regarding problems. Happy Farming!

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  1. Would be nice to give us back our Greenhouses, Sheep Pens, Turtle Pens ( some players have these) and Pig Pens too.

  2. thanks so much. i had contacted zynga about the sheep and pig pens and they said they are working on a fix for it. maybe u can contact them as that was 2 months ago. thanks so much for being an advacot for us


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