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With the many players lacking adequate Farmville Player Support options from Zynga, we wanted to point out the Bug Reporting Form to all players. The Bug Reporting Form can be found on almost all “Vote To Fix” links and often with glitch reports on the Farmville and Player Support FB pages. Check out the details below and please do share with friends if you find our post helpful.

First if you are not aware of all current Player Support options that may be available to you from Zynga click here to view our post on the topic.

If you need to create an account on the Zynga Player Support Site and are not sure how to do so click here for instructions.

Now a look at the steps in Zynga’s Bug Report Form. If you wish to fill out a Bug Report Form on your own farm and submit it to Zynga you can do so here.
The First Section of the Farmville Bug Report Form involves a checklist to select which type of issue you have.  Scroll down the page a bit and they ask for specific details of your issue and your UID. There is also a link to help you find your Facebook UID if you do not know it. This is important because when they fix a bug, they then know to include your account in the fix. The final section contains a link to support site articles and a space to leave feedback. While they do not reply to bug reports, they do give them an idea on how widespread an issue is and make it easier for them to prioritize fixes on widespread issues.

 bug report 1
bug report 2
bug report 3

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  1. Can someone please fix these farms i havent logged on but want to play please hurry

  2. Please hurry and fix farms i havent logged on but so many have lost there stuff ,i want to play


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