Farmville Sweet Acres Completion Packs

It looks like #Farmville and #Zynga will soon be releasing Completion Packs for the Sweet Acres Farm. These completion packs are likely to be similar to the previously released completion packs that we saw for the Farmville Australia Farm.  #TheDirtFarmer team has found some unreleased images for you to let you know what to expect.
We expect the pricing on these packages to vary by player, depending on individual progress and the number of parts needed for completion. Please do like and share our post with friends if you find it helpful.

The Sweet Acres Completion Packs  will be smart packages at a discounted Farm cash price that will give you all of the parts that you will need to complete your Candy Factory and Eversweet Tree to speed up your progress at the Beat Sweet Acres event. It also appears that once again, the highest level completion package will include a discounted unwither ring as part of the bargain.

First a preview of what may be contained in the various completion packs.

Completion Pack 1
Completion Pack 2
Completion Pack 3
Completion Pack 4
A look at the popup that you will receive when the feature is released to you. Note that the savings with the completion pack range up to 75%, but again will vary by package and progress.
A look at the various contents of the completion packs. The Pricing indicated on the popup is just placeholder text. They WILL NOT all be the same price.
  • Completion Pack 1 will complete your Eversweet Tree.
  • Completion Pack 2 will complete your Candy Factory.
  • Completion pack 3 will complete BOTH of the above named buildings.
  • Completion pack 4 adds a discounted Unwither Ring to the contents of completion pack 3.

A look at the popup that you will receive if you opt to purchase and use a Sweet Acres Completion Pack. It reminds you that if you use it to complete your Eversweet Tree, you should check your gift box for the prizes granted for completing any remaining levels. It also reminds you that if you have opted for the one that includes the unwither ring, you will find your ring in your gift box.

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