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Wondering about the mysterious popup on your farm asking friends to view an offer? Curious if it works? Like the Gem Maiden Pegacorn or Pastel Pegacorn that is offered as a gift? We have all the information below for you so you can decide if participation is of interest to you. Please do share our post with friends if you find it helpful
Upon loading your farm, if this feature is released to you, you will be greeted by one of  the following popups offering you a free gift if you opt to get your friends to view an offer. Note that you will need 12 clicks on your post, depending on what the game assigns you. and the feature lasts roughly 24 hours. You will be given the option to share every 2 to 4 hours, again depending on what the game assigns you.



If you opt to participate you will post the following to your wall (Image will vary depending on which you are offered)

When you click for a friend or they click for you, the offer is for a free Can Can Pegacorn with Farm Cash purchase. Actual purchase is not required , no one who clicked mine purchased the offer. As you can see it, it is simply an in game offer and perfectly safe to click to help friends.


After you get 8 clicks, refresh your farm and you will be greeted with the following popup.


And the  Pastel Pegacorn or Gem Maiden Pegacorn will be in your gift box (whichever the game has assigned you on your popup). Worked the first time – nice for a change.


What do you think – will you be participating to win the free pegacorn? Do let us know.

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