Farmville Fairy Tale Beginnings Countdown

We have found some images that indicate that the upcoming countdown after the Summer Fairy Festival is completed will be the Fairy Tale Countdown. Looks like Farmville will be foreshadowing the upcoming Fairy Tale Forest farm with some cute prizes to whet your appetite. The Fairy Tale Countdown is currently slated to begin on 10th September, 2013

Check out the images below and please don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful…
A look at the stamps you will be collecting to redeem the prizes. Always remember that the order and prizes can change as and how Zynga sees fit.

The Confirmed bonus prize for this countdown is the Fairy Fawnmother Pegacorn
Now a look at the Confirmed prizes 

Frog Princeling

Golden Gosling

Beds on a Pea Tree

Kitten In Boots

Image Not Available

Hansel and Gretel Gnomes

Wolf Grandma Pup

Rapunzel Tower Tree

Clockwork Rabbit

Hooded Goat

Lynx Genie

Wooden Boy Donkey

Twisted Beanstalk

Beast Prince Bull

Snowy White Horse

Golden Locks Bear

Fairy Tale Tree

A look at the confirmation screen

A look at the calf and foals from the countdown animals. At this time it appears that all of the trees will have giant level twos.

Beast Prince Calf

Wooden Boy Donkey Foal

Snowy White Foal

Fairy Fawn Mother Pegacorn Foal

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  1. I think this new fairy farm should of be renamed Fairytale Valley or something, although I think it was a little silly to bring another fairy related farm out and not something like Ancient Egypt ( which is a recurring them) and they recently brought out Silk Road which to me kind of resembles India, I also think a Mexican/Wild West frontier farm would of been cool too. We don't need anymore Christmas/Winter farms and we don't need anymore Halloween farms since most of have Haunted Hollow cropwize there isnt much you can do more on that kind of theme ( added more crops to WW or ML would be better than repeating the theme).


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