Farmville Disappearing Mystery Eggs FIXED

Recently your Dirt Farmer team brought you the news that the formerly farm-locking image changing items were now SAFE, thanks to a very helpful contact at Zynga that our very own Dirt Farmer Jason had established contact with. You can read that post here. 

Due to the success of their collaboration, our awesome teammate Dirt Farmer Jason and the very helpful lady from Zynga decided to establish a bi-weekly communication, with him sending her long term bugs and ongoing issues and her being kind enough to commit to fixing them as promptly as possible

As part of their latest communication, Jason sent her the on-going issue of many of the newer mystery eggs not making it to player’s giftboxes as well as information on the cause of the bug. We are now very happy to report that as the result of their hard work, these mystery eggs are now FIXED.

Now if you collect any of the eggs that you were unable to keep before, they will make it to your gift box and you will be able to open them and claim the prizes inside. Look for an update to our egg contents post to include these eggs in the near future.

Thanks to Jason for being the voice of the Dirt Farmer Team and the players and thanks to Zynga for listening and correcting the problem. Thanks too to Dirt Farmer Rob for providing the formerly uncollectable eggs for the images for this post.



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  1. Thank you Jason for taking the time to help all of the farmers who enjoy the mystery eggs and the fun of having this feature. Your personal time it took to get this done is very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you, Jason. I have a couple of mystery eggs that I've been holding in GB for quite a while waiting for this fix. :)

  3. it's not working now, October 2014, I have lost over 10 eggs in the last week, I just started playing again after a year or so off

  4. Well I am not certain as to when this happened but for the last two weeks or more I have not received any of those "mystery eggs" even though they are allegedly put in my gift box. If they did they must have encoded them with a top secret password including optic scanning...

    Seriously I have no eggs at all...

  5. Well as of 11 January 2016 (Philippine Date) I have had no eggs left in my gift box! This has gone on for more than two weeks. So whatever fix was done apparently left Asia out of the plan... Hope someone can right this problem... thanks


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