Farmville Crop Calculator by Dirt Farmer

Dirt Farmer's Farmville Crop Calculator

Ever wanted to know when your crops would get ready? Or maybe know how many harvests you still need to master a particular crop with the application of bushels and other buffs? Or even know when your crops will start withering? Well, The Dirt Farmer is excited to introduce to you the DF Farmville Crop Calculator, an exclusive utility on our DF Farmville Items Info site… You can use it to get all of the above mentioned info, and a lot more… To know more and also how to use it, just check out the video below…

A quick tutorial on how to use the DF Farmville Crop Calculator to plan your planting and questing needs for crops in Zynga's Farmville.


If you have any doubts, or suggestions, or want to report any bugs, please use the contact us form on the items info site to send us a direct message so that we can look into it faster… Hope that you like this nifty utility from the Dirt Farmer… Happy Farming…

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  1. didn't play for over a year, i opened the farm back up & played about 2 months & now i no longer get posts to my wall to collect & help with.??????? does anyone know what i can do? also the game is so slow it takes me hours to harvest crops


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