Dirt Farmer LIVE! Pay it Forward Contest: Aug 4th 2013 (click for details)

This week the Dirt Farmer will once again give you a chance to win an UnWither Ring or Double Bonus Statue of your choice from the market. You will also be able to then choose a friend who will win the same.
This week’s ENTRY is a little bit tricky.
FIRST: Share & Comment on the entry pic by clicking >>HERE<< 
If you follow us on TWITTER…Comment your Twitter link and you will receive a second UnWither Ring
You can connect to us on Twitter >>HERE<<
Winners will be drawn and announced LIVE! On air Sunday Night August 4th 2013
Winners will be contacted via Facebook.
Last Week we gave away PAID ACCESS to the Sweet Acres Farms ($10 Game Card)
and an UnWither Ring to Nancy James who selected the Aussie UnWither Ring.
She then picked her friend Mandy Sitman who chose the Celestial Pastures UnWither Ring
Last week we also randomly gave away UnWither Rings to LIVE! listeners in the DIRT BOX (Our Shout/Chat Box for the Show)
Be sure to catch the show LIVE! Every Sunday @ 8:00 PM ET/United States  

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  1. Does one have to Twitter in order to enter this? Cuz if that's the case, shame on you Dirt Farmer! You would be excluding a fairly large number of your followers. Personally I belong to the "I don't Twitter and I'm glad" club!

    1. Maybe you did not read it right. We mentioned that you need to only share and like the linked picture... If you do follow us on Twitter, you just get added bonus of having to win a 2nd Unwither ring... thats all... No Twitter compulsion added in here... We love our supporters...

  2. Liked, shared and following :D would love to win and know the perfect person to give too :D Good Luck everyone!!!


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