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Well, this day has been special for me… Not that its just my birthday, but more so because we are launching new services that are moving out of the horizon of just Farmville, and trying to cater to all sorts of internet users in general, thus helping us expand our vision of making technology simpler to understand and easier to use for everyone. Today, we are proud to announce the launch event of UCut.It, a unique URL shortening service which aims to provide a lot of cool features to the general user, at no cost, and help them share links better with their friends and for their business. So, what’s unique about UCut.It? Why is it different from others? What are its features? Well, we got all your answers here… Just read on…


UCut.It is a new URL Shortening service initiated by your trusted Dirt Farmer team. There are a lot of features that accompany the service, which are different for registered and non-registered users. Registration is free, but still gives you access to plenty of features in one place. Either you want to share a link over twitter, or send someone email with a long link, or paste a game link to your friend, or anything else to do with URL’s, UCut.It can be your one stop solution for all URL shortening requirements. Check out the features list below:


For Non-registered Users:

  • Shorten URL's
  • Add Custom Alias
  • Copying and Manual sharing options to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, email, etc
  • Links generated will auto-expire in 3 months from generation.
  • Open Multiple URL's simultaneously


For Registered Users (Registration is Free):

  • All features mentioned for Non-registered Users
  • Shorten Multiple URL's in a batch
  • Add descriptions to URLs for easier search
  • Add password to links to securely share them
  • Search generated links stored in personal database
  • Add a pre-set number of uses on the generated link...
  • Option to change the custom alias (if available) even after initial short url is generated
  • Add custom expiry period to the Shortened URLs, default being 3 months
  • Combine multiple links in a single URL to make sharing them easier
  • Many more features to be added in the coming future...


Link to UCut.It Website

Link to Features page and Login Page

Link to Browser Extensions Page


To simplify the process of creating the short URL’s, we have even got developed Chrome and Mozilla based browser extensions that will allow you to just right-click links and shorten them to your clipboard with just 2 steps. Currently, they do only the basic function of creating short links directly from any browser page, but more features are planned for the later stages, like login facility for the extensions to ease the process of sharing from within your existing page. Some other features of the new service are still in development and will be added later as time progresses. For now, give the service a try, and don’t forget to install the browser extensions too, to make things simpler to use. Remember that suggestions to better the service are always welcome…

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  1. Just curious; what is the advantage of causing the links to expire after three months? I understand for FV, those links don't have to be good for more than a few hours or a day. But, if I want to share a page from the web on FB or an email, I might not want it to ever expire. Thanks

    1. Well, once you register, you get more features, including setting up of custom dates (even never expiring links) too... List of all the features on registration (which is 100% free) can be found on the post, and you can also explore yourself to experience them yourself :)

  2. however now I understand that this feature is no longer working...

  3. I was told to use this in Chat, that I need to ask y'all so I can finally get all the stamps! I have never gotten all of them. It must feel good to actually do that.


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