The Countdown Trick: VIDEO



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  1. Thank you very much for the countdown tip!

  2. Good advice, however we have to ask several times a day since unless the stamp only requires 5 or less since most of the stamps require up to 14 clicks. I think they should change the amount to 10 clicks or something before it expires, as asking every 6 hours is a pain when you need 16 stamps.

  3. One very easy way to share the picture of the stamp you are seeking help with, its the, picture is worth a thousand words, BEFORE you click the link asking for the stamp, SIMPLY right click the picture, copy the picture url, post this in the box first, wait for the picture to appear, then go back to the post box and right clik, to highlight the link that gave you the picture and clik the backspace, this erases the link, leaving the box empty to continue with the countdown help you typed in, etc..

  4. Is there a link for Stork roost showing each animal with crop needs for that one?

  5. I never, or very seldom get the white box to copy and paste.
    do I have to go to my homepage to do it there? I have been very frustrated as I really like saying please and thank yu.


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